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This Is The Story Of Carla & Eden

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Carla Acosta and her husband, Eden Ramirez, are opera singers who have performed at the historic Mexico City Opera House.

When the pandemic shut down entertainment venues, they were out of a job and had little money to survive, so they moved back to to the town of Mulege in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, where Carla was raised and where her mother still lives.

Carla is the niece of Emilia Villavicencio who has the government concession to run the Posada Beach Park which is only 14 miles from Mulege. The park is on land which the government refers to as “land reclaimed from the sea.”

Emilia hired Carla and Eden to manage the Bed and Breakfast located across the highway from the park. Carla was in charge of renting the rooms, and Eden was in charge of cleaning and maintenance.

A month ago, Eden was fired by Emilia for poor work. This is not surprising because he had no experience as a house cleaner or with maintenance. His whole career was as an opera singer. He had more recently learned how to make beer, and for a short while, he made his beer at Posada but was told he was not allowed to do that by Emilia.

While Carla continued to manage the B&B, at first she had the keys to the rooms; however, after Eden was fired, for some reason, she no longer was given the keys.

She spent her time in a small office with no heat, and taught her 10-year-old son, Santiago, his school lessons. Emilia told her one day, that she did not want him in the office.

Matters got worse when a couple made reservations at the B&B and they arrived late. Carla was aware of their arrival; however, when it came time to give them their room she had no keys. She attempted to find the new cleaning woman who had the keys; however, the woman had gone home to Mulege and could not be reached.

The people who had a reservation for renting a room were very upset, as they should be; however, Carla had no way to solve the problem. They were offered rooms next to the coffee shop.

When Emilia heard about what happened she was very upset at Carla. She told Carla that she was supposed to work full time seven days a week and take care of such matters. That Sunday Emilia gave Carla notice that she was being fired.

Carla, Eden and their son, who had been living at the park, moved in with Carla’s mother in Mulege; however, the house was small and they had many belongings in Posada which needed to be moved as it seemed Emilia did not want them in the park. Eden was even told that he was forbidden to be in the park.

This was when an elderly American offered them a large room with a full kitchen and bathroom, and also the same wage that Emilia had been paying with the understanding that they would clean and maintain his house and assist him in his business affairs.

The man’s physical situation at the age of 84 was not good and continuing to worsen, after a six-way heart bypass, colon cancer and two knee replacements. He was now dealing with another problem and that is falling. In the past year, he had fallen five times. His balance was gone.

After one of the falls, he dislocated his shoulder and had to have an operation to replace the muscle which had broken loose.

His doctor said his situation was such that he should not live alone as another fall could have terrible consequences.

So while he felt he was helping Carla and Eden during a time of need, he was also thinking of his own care and welfare.

Once Emilia found out what happened, she notified her niece that she could not live in the elderly man’s house and no reason was given. The following day she came to the man’s house after dark and demanded $30 a day for every day the family lived in the house, and that was in addition to the annual lease the man had paid over $6,000 US dollars, with annual increases of 5 percent.

Even Emilia’s own sister, Carla’s mother, came to the park to plead to Emilia.

But Emilia could not be reasoned with.

The next day Emilia had both the power and the water cut off to the house, leaving the man and the family in darkness and without water.

The old man and the young family decided to fight back. They made an appointment with what would be considered the city attorney, and Carla related the whole story to the city attorney who listened intently. Then he followed with many questions.

Finally, he said you have a case against Emilia and I will take it on. The old man asked the cost and the attorney said nothing. He added that the case will be investigated by local authorities.

There were two options the attorney told the old man he could take. One was to take the case to the municipal court and she could be forced to pay for the man for the days he had been without water and power. Or option two was to have the police go immediately and demand that the electricity and water be turned on. The old man took the second option because he did not want to live in a house without water or electricity.

The authorities, Carla and the old man left Mulege immediately, and while the authorities were at the Beach Park they found numerous violations such as constructing a solar system without a permit, not providing access to the general public to the beach, and improper billing.

They also found the possibility of tax evasion.

The authorities demanded that the water and electric power be reconnected and by nightfall both had been done.

Carla’s mother added a final note to the story when she said that Emilia had been disowned by her entire family.

I know this story to be true because I am the old man.

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