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The Rest Of The Story On Trucking In California

John Derby
Times Publisher John Derby

The man and his wife were looking at a spa to buy when the conversation came up about California’s Trucking problem.

The man made his living as a trucker and we knew he had information firsthand.

He said, in the case of California, the lack of truckers was a problem made by Sacramento.

Remember when we were being told that the state legislators were just trying to pass a law which would affect the Uber car drivers, and put them on a competitive basis with the taxi drivers?

Everyone would have to be on the payroll, and no one could be a contract employee.

Then we found out it would include people like freelance newspaper writers, and a whole bunch of other people who made money on the side.

We never heard about truck drivers, and the effect on them.

Many truck drivers own their own rig but contract out their services to one company or another.

The new law said that they had to be considered full time employees of the trucking firm.

In one quick vote our state’s politicians brought about havoc on the supply line. Without truckers, the ships stacked up at the harbors in Los Angeles and Oakland.

Our California truckers were forced to find work in other states which welcomed them.

Many of the districts in our state will be changed in next November’s election. Our local Assemblyman is running for Congress, and the State Senator will be new.

Perhaps it is time to correct a problem which California has brought upon itself.

Independent truckers, who carry much of the load, should be given the option of working for themselves without the state making it impossible for companies to use them on a contract basis.

This doesn’t make sense. Let’s see if we can remove this law from the books before it does even more damage.

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