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The Partisan hosts hard-hitting rock show


The Band Ice Cream, Awahnichi and Talking Ghosts, with opening act A Haunted Stripclub, rocked a packed crowd in downtown Merced at the Partisan this last weekend.

The local music scene has been has been incredibly dry lately and this event was the oasis that fans needed. The cozy bar was quickly full to the brim and the energy was high and enthusiastic. The bar patrons work tirelessly to accommodate the pumped up crowd—at least there was a well-stocked merchandise booth to divert the stampede.

The first band of the night was A Haunted Stripclub, which is a Merced based pop-rock band whose debut performance was that night. They set the night off on a great note with their fun as well as lively sound and performance. If you want to keep up with them or their most recent content they are active on Instagram is @ahauntedstripclub and Tik Tok @ahauntedband. Their music can be found on all streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. Their upcoming project “Fantasies” is scheduled for release on March 10, 2023.

They were followed up by Awahnichi and Talking Ghosts, another Merced based band, who kept up the energy with their heavy hitting beats and soulful vocals. They are an indie/alternative rock band that has been working hard to perform in the area since the pandemic closed everything down. If you would like to find their music or see what they are up to you can go to all major streaming services, follow them on Instagram @awahnichi, or go to their website:

The final slot of the evening was The Band Ice Cream who ended the night of with their fast and electrifying set. They are an incredibly fun and energetic indie-punk band that came all the way out from the bay area who’s roots go back to 2014. You can find them on Instagram @thebandicecream, on all major streaming services, and on online at: They recently released the project “Play Dead” and  are “so proud of this thing, we just want to play as many shows as possible right now to get it into people’s ear holes.”


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