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The Long, No-So-Hot Valley Summer Brings Folks Out

John Derby
Times Publisher John Derby

At the rate this summer is going, it could be rated as the “Not-So-Hot” summer.

The weather man is certainly throwing some unusually beautiful weather at us, and in response, the people are showing up in large crowds at the county fairs and other special events.

People are so tired of being cooped up from Covid, the weather just adds another reason to get out and do things.

With the high price of gas, long trips are put on hold and the fairs and the other local festivals enjoy good-to-great attendance.

Safety is also a major factor, while we see terrible news on a national level, our local fairs and other events have not had to deal with this.

A big Thank You to all the local law enforcement officers who are out in force.

This comes at a good time for the Fair Boards and other committees who set up these events. With Covid, their resources were tapped and running dry. Hopefully, enough money will be brought in this year to see that these special local events keep going.

Our recent story of the FFA student who lost her mom received a lot of recognition for the people in our community who care and support our county fairs.

With each passing year we find that our local community and county draws people closer together. While local people are aware of the horrors going on in the rest of the country, they are more concerned about what is going on in their own area.

Our schools are getting set to open next month.

One educator, involved at the Community College, said “We are still not back to normal.”

“It is difficult to hire professors to teach in-person classes when you are uncertain whether that class will be full or empty.”

He added, “There are many courses in which online learning just does not meet the needs of the student”.

If you are going to take a Summer Fling, better take it now while the weather is fine.

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