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The Joy Of In-School Learning Again

John Derby
John Derby

No one seems to mention what a joy it is to have in-school learning again.

It is one of those things that you never know how much you missed, until they took it away from you.

It seemed like such a little thing. Just a matter of not going to school.

Not going to school for a day was one thing. Then it became not going to school for a week and then a month. Students started missing their friends and sports. Parents started getting tired of having their children under foot all day.

Even teachers, who have to manage many kids in the classroom most of the year, started missing the girls and boys. For them, it was part of their educational family. Sure, there were always those students who were a pain in the class, but it was those same kids who came back later as grown adults and said, “Look teacher what I have become … and it was all your doing.”

The locked-up schools with no activity were a symbol of our loss. And the loss was not only in hours and days. It was a loss in days of learning, days which could never be reclaimed.

We still don’t know how much the loss of those days of learning amounted to. Only time will tell.

Some students will have managed better than others. Those students who were self-motivated or had parents who could teach from home, did better.

Those homes where both parents had to go to work to make a living, suffered most, particularly if the parents did not speak English as a first language.

Now all that is over, and it is back to school and trying to catch up for what has been lost.

Let’s celebrate in-school learning. It is something special.

Maybe it would be appropriate to have a national holiday called National In-School Learning Day.

It would not be a day when all kids got to take the day off without going to school.

It would be a day when we all remember how important In-School learning is, and how lucky we are to have it back again.

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