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Teens contemplate future jobs at Career Industry Day

Magician Jeff Kaylor was the keynote speaker during Career Industry Day.
Magician Jeff Kaylor was the keynote speaker during Career Industry Day.

More than 1,200 students from about 17 local schools spent about 3-1/2 hours at Career Industry Day, which was hosted by the Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) and held at the Merced County Fairgrounds on the morning of Oct. 17.

Janice Rogge, MCOE Program Specialist, explained, “We have an event we host every year at the Merced County Fairgrounds, Career Industry Day, and this is the 22nd year.”

“We invited regional and post-secondary businesses, technical colleges or training programs, apprenticeships and also community service agencies. The representatives set up tables, and we invited sophomores from all the county’s high schools so they could get advice and information and learn how to prepare for careers and opportunities in the areas represented.”

Students had the opportunity to learn about career pathways covering California’s 15 industry sectors. The sectors, developed by the California Department of Education, were as follows:  Agriculture and Natural Resources, Arts, Media and Entertainment, Building Trades and Construction, Education, Child Development, and Family Services, Energy and Utilities, Engineering and Design, Fashion and Interiors, Finance and Business, Health Science and Medical Technology, Hospitality, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Product Development, Marketing, Sales and Service, Public Services, and Transportation.

Nathan Quevedo, MCOE’s media and communications manager, said, “Our goal is to bring the students to one place so they can learn more about a specific career pathway so they can pursue it in the future. There were just over 200 exhibitors. With more than 200 different exhibitors, students were exposed to a wide variety of different career paths.”

According to Quevedo, the Merced Union High School District Construction Trades Career Pathway was represented, and both instructors and students were doing a demonstration.

The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising was also there, he said.

Students had the opportunity to hear Jeff Kaylor, a keynote speaker, magician and cinematographer based in Orlando, Florida who has traveled to hundreds of cities in dozens of countries performing, speaking, and creating unforgettable experiences for audiences.

Kaylor emphasized that to be an unforgettable magician, you have to be able to concentrate on the spectator instead of oneself.

He said, “The trick is something impossible, but the magician is watching you. An unforgettable magician is more focused on the audience members than himself.”

Kaylor founded the Magic Estate in Orlando, which provides facilities for a dolphin trainer, a magician, a mind reader, an illusionist, and many others. Kaylor’s show was filled with astounding magic tricks, and his message was look for opportunities to create magical moments.

At his Magic Estate, he hosts people, and his guests are amazed when they receive a bag with their favorite childhood candies and other treats.

He laughed, “I do this by stalking them on Facebook and contacting their significant other to find out what they like.”

He told the young audience that instead of drinking and partying in college, he studied magic and got his degree and became a professional.

Kaylor has created multiple award-winning magic tricks and ideas that are used by magicians worldwide, as well as a product line for magicians. Creating this product line allowed him to tour the world lecturing on magic to thousands of magicians.

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