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Dover: ‘Good Booze, Bad Women, Fast Horses’

The small town of Dover had a short life but while in existence had a well-deserved reputation as a wild river town. Dover was founded sometime around 1866 and 1868. It was built to provide freight shipping facilities on the San Joaquin River for the local grain growers and other products. The location of Dover is now on private…

Indian Gulch: Touching a piece of history

It was said that the original name of this foothill town was “Santa Cruz.” It was named by Mexican miners, and later established in 1849, after the Mexican-American War, as one of the earliest settlements in Mariposa County. In 1855, a post office was established and the name changed to “Indian Gulch,” probably because of the two…

A History Of Historic La Grange, 1850 — 2023

La Grange is a small, local unincorporated community loaded with history. Nestled in the foothills of the Sierras lies this historic town. This one-time county seat glories in its history of the past and is working hard to preserve it for the present and future. Located in rural Stanislaus County along the Tuolumne River, it has a…