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UC Merced assisting students as COVID delays in-person classes

Charles Nies, UC Merced’s vice chancellor of Student Affairs, told the Times, “UC Merced is part of a research project, and we’re looking at sewer waste, and we detected Omicron in Merced County in September. I haven’t heard of any case of an individual being identified as positive for Omicron, but it’s coming. “I’ve been hearing…

UC Merced joins COVID-19 research effort

As the number of cases of COVID-19 surge again globally as a result of the delta variant, world leaders are searching for ways to make more informed decisions on how to contain the pandemic. Researchers at UC Merced and Michigan State University (MSU) know what can provide early signs of the virus and help with critical decisions — sewage.…

UC Merced begins another banner year

School is back in session and UC Merced’s total student enrollment has again surpassed 9,000 as the university returns to primarily in-person instruction for fall 2021 with its largest first-year class ever. The 9,226 students enrolled for the start of the academic year include 2,466 first-year students, 282 new transfer students and 146 new…

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