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New fire station plan receives boost

The Merced City Fire Department has been the focus of public safety funding initiatives in recent days. State Assemblywoman Esmeralda Soria presented Fire Chief Derek Parker with a check for $4 million on Nov. 9 to support the construction of Fire Station 56 in north Merced. The support comes as the chief also seeks an approval at the City…

Fire Dept. to upgrade emergency care

Merced Fire Chief Derek Parker joined members of the Merced Sunrise Rotary at Paul’s Place for a recent meeting. Chief Parker spoke with members as part of a special presentation where he detailed some of the current difficulties facing emergency medical services in Merced, and his proposed Health Education, Assistance and Referral Team Car —…

Merced firefighters return home after wildfire nightmare

Nearly a month ago, Merced Fire Engineer Grant Parker and a few fellow firefighters were navigating a narrow mountain road in near pitch-black conditions, with fire flaring up at them from all sides. They got through that inferno unharmed with only some singed equipment, but Parker admits that 30-second experience was unsettling.…