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Cycling event a big win for Merced

The acclaimed Gran Fondo Hincapie cycling series made its way to downtown Merced on Saturday, complete with hundreds of riders, fans, and local dignitaries. The big event marked the first Hincapie series on the West Coast, and it challenged cyclists to take on this valley’s gritty gravel — from the rugged ranch land on the…

Experience ‘Serendipity’ at Joe On The Go Cafe

‘If we're meant to meet again, then we'll meet again.’ — Sara Thomas This is a story about a popular, family-owned cafe in Merced and the discovery — by chance — of a delectable way to collaborate with another coffee hub in town. It’s also a story about Serendipity — the word, the movie title, and a young lady by…

Gran Fondo Hincapie coming to Merced for first time

The acclaimed Gran Fondo Hincapie cycling series — along with legions of riders and enthusiasts — arrives in downtown Merced this Saturday, March 16. It will be the first West Coast version of the “big ride” challenge that’s been experienced across America thanks to world-renowned racing cyclist George Hincapie. The former pro will be on hand to…