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Merced County Courthouse Museum

County leaders sworn in at Courthouse

It was standing room only at the Merced County Courthouse Museum on Tuesday as the Board of Supervisors held a special meeting inside the historic building. Chairman Lloyd Pareira directed the meeting from the courtroom bench that was used by judges as far back as 1875, while the rest of the board sat in front. They were all…

New Exhibit’s Been Quite A Ride

When Tom Roduner and Joe Scoto were inspired by the history of tractor dealerships in this great agricultural region, and sort of came up with the idea of having a museum exhibit, they thought they knew quite a deal about the subject already. Then they were surprised, maybe a little frustrated, but always determined to find out…

Historic courthouse in line for federal funds

Nothing is certain until you have the cash in hand; however, it was exciting to hear that the Merced County Courthouse Museum in downtown Merced has been chosen for federal funding consideration by the U.S. House Appropriations Committee. This could result in a $2 million grant to help fund a much-needed restoration project to the building’s…

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