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Amtrak San Joaquins to run special trains to Allensworth

Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park is holding a celebratory “re-dedication” event on Saturday, Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In partnership, Amtrak San Joaquins has scheduled a special stop at the park for multiple trains, bookable at a 50 percent discount rate to bring travelers to the historically significant Colonel…

Indian Gulch: Touching a piece of history

It was said that the original name of this foothill town was “Santa Cruz.” It was named by Mexican miners, and later established in 1849, after the Mexican-American War, as one of the earliest settlements in Mariposa County. In 1855, a post office was established and the name changed to “Indian Gulch,” probably because of the two…

Exploring the towering neon heart of Merced

As you drive through Merced on the 99 Freeway, the most noticeable landmark is the 100-foot-tall tower of the Merced Theatre. With its bright neon orange block letters proclaiming MERCED, can be seen for miles. The Merced Theatre is significant for its role as a social and cultural center of Merced. The beautiful interior is a mix…