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Atwater considers better exposure for cannabis stores

Atwater City Leaders met for the first time in the new year of 2021 on Monday inside of City Hall for a regular public meeting.  Members discussed the idea of expanding zones in which retail cannabis business and taco trucks would be allowed to operate. They also reviewed costs related to the abatement of an unpermitted and unlicensed…

Atwater City Council starts 2020 on positive notes

The Atwater City Council kicked off the new year on Monday with a positive report from the city’s finance director who announced the final details of the long-awaited Winton Way Reconstruction Project, and steps to protect funding set aside to provide cleaner water throughout town. Meanwhile, residents were offered a new way to view the…

Atwater passes 2019-20 budget, honors employees

The Atwater City Council meeting on Monday proved to be an eventful and efficient meeting for the city. Despite the quick speed of the proceedings, a great deal of important business was brought before city leaders and quickly taken care of. On the agenda for the night was the acknowledgment of a Police Department detective and gang expert who…

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