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Young farmer embraces new ag era

Lena Xiong-Perez is a 28-year-old farmer with a message and a means to spread it. Her family business, Humble Rice Farmer, has quickly amassed a Merced County following that includes a close friendship with Executive Chef Quentin of the El Capitan Hotel in Merced, buyers and sellers at regional markets, and a loyal community…

There’s a fresh-air food market every Saturday in Merced

By LYNDA BROMMAGE What better way to spend a Saturday morning and early afternoon than paying a visit to the Merced Certified Farmers’ Market. Even if you have a hangover from an active Friday night, it’s a good way to recuperate by strolling around all the farm fresh foods and goodies. Bring the kids, and your own bag if you can, and…

Maas Energy Works Installs $100M Dairy Digester Network

Maas Energy Works (MEW), based in Redding is leading clusters of dairies in Merced and Denair in installation of “Dairy Digester” systems. The purpose is converting manure to renewable natural gas that will be injected into utility pipelines. These projects are a collective investment exceeding $100 million. California has more dairy cows than…