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Sunrise Rotarians, local artists partner to support the MAC


The Merced County Arts Council and the Merced Sunrise Rotary brought together a charitable event on Saturday that filled two floors of the Multicultural Arts Center (MAC).

The special evening of fun brought together local artists and families to hand paint designs on nearly 50 wooden desks that were handcrafted by local artisan and wood worker Pope Lawrence and Sam Traina of the Merced Sunrise Rotary club.

Additionally, the event highlighted a $1,000 donation from the Rotarians to the MAC.

“We spread people apart for social distancing and everyone wore masks,” said Colton Dennis, the MAC director. “This was a great event to bring the community together for a good cause, especially since we haven’t had anything for over 13 months. I met quite a few people who had only seen the MAC from our social media pages, and they got to experience the arts center for the first time. …

“I’m also excited about the new collaboration with Robert Garcia and the Rotary Community Corps of Merced County and all that they are doing to support the community,” Dennis said. “The funds we received will help us so that we can have a steady stream of events as Merced gradually reopens. We have been aching for our community to come back for far too long.”

Ultimately the custom desks are destined to make their way into the hands of local children who are five years or younger from single-parent homes. Sign-ups to get a desk will be available at along with a list of weekly volunteer opportunities at the MAC for local residents ages 16 and older.

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