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Stone Ridge Christian High School turns over ground in next chapter


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Stone Ridge Christian High School of Merced enjoyed a groundbreaking ceremony sporting an enthusiastic crowd to kick-off construction of a state-of-the-art gymnasium, weight room, commercial kitchen and more.

Families and stakeholders from the SRC Community gathered to celebrate this monumental event, dubbing it effectively: (1 Day 1 Campus).  

What began as a simple conversation centered on a dream is now culminating in a dream come true. 

“This building is Phase 1B of the project, joining the current building on site which houses SRC’s Middle and High School,” said Mike Henjum the head of school. 

The overall master plan includes two additional projects. Said Henjum: “The next endeavor is the construction of an elementary educational building. The final phase will be the completion of the campus buildout, which includes athletic and FFA facilities.” 

The elementary school and indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball are currently held at off-site locations until the completion of the project.

The necessity to have an all-inclusive building that fits the needs of SRC’s diverse and growing population has led to a local collaboration of community members, both inside and outside of Knight Nation. 

“We as a board and building committee, are humbled by the extraordinary melding of resources, including time, talent and finances from so many people, that has brought us to this moment in time,” said Renae De Jager, an SRC board member. “This is a dream come true as we are now ready to build what is a going to be a beautiful gym and meet the needs of our rapidly growing student body. Not only will the students of SRC be able to compete at a higher level of athletics but we will also be positive contributors to our local community as well.” 

She also emphasized; “Kids of all ages will benefit from our upcoming camps, athletic matches and other opportunities that come our way with a building of this caliber. We commit this building project to the Lord, as we demonstrate our gratitude and devotion to Christ. We will strive to serve Merced and the surrounding communities with joy for years to come.”

A student artist generated graphic which depicts the current Stone Ridge Christian Junior High and High School campus. Student artwork done by Presley Peterson.
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