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John Miller

Rural Justice Summit rocks Multicultural Arts Center

The Merced Multicultural Arts Center was filled with UC Merced students and residents alike last Saturday as UC Merced’s 2019 Rural Justice Summit got underway.

The event included pop-up, meet-ups with conversation topics like home restaurants, the Green New Deal, decolonizing wealth, food, poetry & collective imagination, equitable food initiative, and asset-based community development.

In addition to topics discussions, representatives from Senator Anna Caballero’s office were on hand for those individuals who wanted to use their voice to affect change in the political world.

The event was also highlighted by a variety of interactive and fine art exhibits such as Fresno’s Laguna Collective: Printmaking as Activism which brought together all skill levels to show how individuals or groups could make small magazines. There was also Planting Seeds for Change led by Jazz Diaz, a community artist from Merced who led participants in creating origami newspaper pots for seed starting.

Throughout the event, vendors from the Mercado Vida out of Modesto highlighted the Latinx culture with a wide variety of items ranging from clothing and jewelers to fine art and other creations, as well as live musical performances from both Merced and Fresno based groups.

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