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Ring, Ring, Ring — Robo Calls Are Out Of Control

From Ship to Shore: A Column by Times Publisher John Derby

The abuse of the use of the Internet is not the only area which is out of control. Robo Calls have reached the point of “Extreme,” and will soon force people to turn off their land lines completely.

Yes, phone owners can request not to receive Robo Calls; however, phone owners should not be forced to control something which is a problem of the companies which own the phone lines. People pay for phone service and what they are receiving is “disservice.”

Actually, phone owners should be the ones who are asked if they wish to accept Robo Calls, not the other way around.
The phone companies like AT&T are allowing their service to be used as an advertising medium, not a communication medium.

There is talk of Congress passing laws which prohibit the Robo Calls; however, the abuse is so clear and obvious. Must we pass laws against everything?

Who is allowing the Robo Callers to have a list of phone numbers which they can call? If the phone companies are providing these lists with our phone numbers, then they should be stopped. If other businesses are selling lists with our phone numbers on them, then these kinds of businesses need to be controlled from doing this.

It is not like listing our phone number in a telephone book. Telephone books used to do this as a service; however, today, there are no longer phone books with private numbers listed. Telephone books only cater to businesses.

Robo Calling is like allowing someone entry into our home without our permission. We are being bombarded with calls. If we pick up the phone, then there is that dead air space which is a tell-tale of the Robo Call.

What is the difference between someone making unwanted calls on our private phone line and having someone outside our house honking their horn or any other noise invasion? Unwanted sound is an invasion of our privacy.

Many people we have talked to have cancelled their land line completely in order to avoid the Robo Calls. Phone companies need to be careful or the number of cancelled phone lines are eventually going to affect their bottom line. The Robo Calls will end up putting them out of business.

We like our landline phone because we have never grown used to our cell phone being where we want it, when we want it. Also the answering machine on the landline is more dependable.

The bottom line is that we are tired of getting up to answer the phone for just another Robo Call. How long will it be before we join the crowd who just call the phone company, and say “Please cancel our land line.”

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