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Revoteen app helping students find internships, specialty jobs

Aditya Jain is the creator of the app, Revoteen, and is on a mission to connect students with internships and job opportunities.
Aditya Jain is the creator of the app, Revoteen, and is on a mission to connect students with internships and job opportunities.

Revoteen, a communication app designed for students, is revolutionizing the way high school and college students interact with internships and potential job opportunities.

Started up by Aditya Jain and designed by a team of students throughout California, Revoteen is made by teenagers and is a platform specifically designed for teenagers.

In May of 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Jain was aimlessly looking for internships, frustrated with the requirements that many of the internships he was interested in required.

“When I was scrolling through platforms that have these opportunities such as LinkedIn and job recruit platforms — the one thing that I noticed as a student is that everything was highly saturated and not tailored towards us. I could spend hours looking, finally find an opportunity, and then I would find out that I needed a Bachelor’s degree to apply.”

Jain knew this issue not only pertained to himself, but was an issue that students around the state, country, and even world were facing.

“For students who have such a wide variety of passions such as business, biology, or medicine — any sort of passion, it shouldn’t be this hard. If I have a passion and I want to explore it and collaborate with other students who share that passion, I should not have to spend hours and hours going through the Internet and going through these platforms trying to find these opportunities.”

When a student opens the app and signs up for an account, they are then directed to choose their interests. Business, STEM, Education, Photography, Volunteering, Non-Profit, Art, and Programing are just a couple of the interest groups Revoteen allows users to assign themselves.

“We have a core team of students who are from all around. Whether that be East Bay, South Bay, and also out near Merced. Our core team is essentially identifying where most of our students come from and since we were California based since the beginning a lot of our current students who are using our platform to connect come from throughout the Bay and even stretch down as far as SoCal.”

“Join impactful student-led organizations and initiatives,” one welcoming slide promotes on the app. “Discover opportunities in a variety of fields” and “Connect with like-minded students from around the world,” another two say.

With the app, students are able to browse trending internship and job opportunities from leading corporations and organizations such as Uber, NASA, Audible, and Stanford to name a few. Viewers are also able to see whether select internships are paid or unpaid and what requirements are needed in order to apply.

“Typically, when you go onto other platforms and see people posting achievements, I feel like you start feeling this sort of pressure but that should be put on students because the entire purpose is if you have an interest you shouldn’t have to feel like ‘Oh this isn’t just me pursuing an interest — this is me competing for me being able to pursue it in the first place.’ The purpose of Revoteen is to allow people to pursue their interests in a setting where they don’t have to compete with x, y, z, or be as good as a, b, c, to do that…”

Like several social media outlets including Instagram and Twitter, Revoteen allows its users to upload opportunities, follow other users, and bookmark information to their personal profile. Encouraging communication and building a community are key components of the app as it seeks to find and pinpoint the right outlets for students.

“We have great opportunities but there is always much more to be explored,” Jain explained of the future of Revoteen.  “Students have so many different types of interests and ways that they want to explore these interests and it is our goal to get them as many different channels to allow them the opportunity to pursue their interest in. That is something that will never stop and keep evolving as students develop new interests and as new companies show out with different opportunities.”

One thing is for sure — Jain and his team of students have helped students from all over the world feel acknowledged with the love and commitment they have dedicated to the structure of Revoteen. The app is currently available in over 70 countries and has over 5,900 users and counting.

For more information on Revoteen, you can download the app on the App Store and Google Play or visit their website at

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