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Quichey Creations sharing culinary joy in challenging times


Since she was a small child, Tanisha McClain has been drawn to cooking for both herself and others.

Starting at the age of 5, McClain’s earliest memories are of cooking breakfast alongside of her mother in their kitchen in Wilmington, North Carolina. From there, she would continue to branch out from the basics before cooking family dinners. It wouldn’t be much longer before she would find herself cooking in kitchens at 15 before bringing her culinary skill set to Merced.

“When I moved to Merced, I would make treats or food for folks here and there and then I wanted to do it more,” McClain says. “I would do pop-up events and random community things, but I was scared to take the step into making it full-time until I lost my main source of income, Bartending, in 2020.”

McClain went on to explain that it was at that point she decided to dive full-force into her love of cooking as both a means of survival as the COVID-19 pandemic continued to shutter businesses and as a way to prove to herself that she had what it took to run her own business.

As McClain has continued to develop her business, Quichey Creations, she has worked to develop a wide selection of offerings ranging from specialty culinary creations and gift boxes to instructional classes. “Services that I offered before included in-person classes and random pop-up dinners. I can’t do those now at all,” McClain says. “I have switched to Zoom class instruction and gift boxes that people can give to their loved ones. I am also at the Farmer’s Market most Saturdays now, so I get to meet, socially distanced of course, with different people and gain new customers or connect with regular customers.”

Right now, Quichey Creations is working on Valentine’s Day gift boxes for couples, individuals and families. For those looking to learn how to cook themselves, Quichey Creations has offered classes covering everything from cooking basics to specific cuisines and pie-making classes offered over Zoom. Those interested in scheduling classes can do so by either requesting private classes of a group class to bring their family and friends together for the lesson. Additionally, Quichey Creations offers everything from vegan and gluten free treats to keto-friendly offerings as a part of their monthly subscription of contactless deliveries of fresh cookies, Japanese milk bread and other treats.

“I always have gift certificates available to share with folks who appreciate made-from-scratch treats,” said McClain.

When discussing what keeps her going in such a trying time for many businesses, McClain noted that it is the joy that food brings to many people.

“For me, food has always been therapeutic. Sharing joy through food and seeing how happy it can make other people is what makes me want to keep going. It’s part of being an empath and being able to literally the feed world your love,” said McClain. “I have had people let me know that my treats have helped get them through this pandemic. There are some folks that are excited each week because of seasonal and different variety.”

Those interested in learning more about Quichey Creations or purchasing from the local business can do so by logging onto or following the business on Facebook at Quichey Creations or Instagram at QuicheyFairy.

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