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Protest in Merced over Rittenhouse verdict


A group of area residents converged in Merced this week to stand together against the verdict that set free Kyle Rittenhouse, a teen that was facing murder charges in the death of two people during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Protesters chanted, “Stop White supremacy,” and “Rittenhouse is guilty, guilty! The system is filthy, filthy!”

Participants expressed outraged by what they said was an “unfair and biased trial” presided by Judge Schroeder. 

Alexa Schuler, a member of Anakbayan Fresno, stated: “This verdict could enable white supremacist violence.”

Her sentiment reflected the mood of the action. Protesters said they believe the police, media, and courts — the whole system — allowed the verdict to happen.

Nick McKenna, a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, remarked that “The not guilty verdict of the killer Kyle Rittenhouse is yet another example of how the our system protects and validates white supremacists and it is for this reason that we the people demand a systemic overhaul.”

This week’s protest was supported by the Party for Socialism and Liberation of the Central Valley. For more information about the group, go online to: [email protected]

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