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What’s probably cemented in your mind is that the upcoming 2020 election season will be the most significant one of our lifetime, and that the future of America, as we know it, is at stake.

Merced County Election Update: Thousands of ballots still being counted

Editor’s Note: The following is an update from the Merced County Registrar of Voters, Barbara Levey


Today, Nov. 4, the Elections Office began the canvass process of the Presidential General Election.

On Election Day Merced County Registrar of Voters Barbara J. Levey reported her office had counted 61,710 complete ballots for the November 3, 2020 Presidential General Election.

Merced County voters received two ballot cards to contain all the races and propositions for this election. Together, both cards create ‘one’ complete ballot.

The Unofficial Election Day result may be viewed at the Merced Elections webpage or from the Merced County main webpage. The website totals reflect Vote by Mail (VBM) ballots received and processed as of last Sunday.

As this was an all-mail ballot election, all results, including those for ballots cast at the Voting Assistance Centers, are reflected as Vote-by Mail.

While continuing to work on verifying the workload at hand, we do know that more than 20,000 ballots were received on Election Day through the mail, at our Voting Assistance Centers, and in our Official Ballot Drop Boxes.

These remain to be processed and counted.

Ballot processing includes:

· checking the signature on each VBM envelope against the signature located on the original affidavit of registration;

· outreach to voters whose signature does not compare to the signature on file;
· updating of Voter Participation History for those voters who returned or voted a ballot;
· opening, extracting and flattening the ballot cards for each of the 20,000 ballots;
· processing each of the VBM cards through the high speed ballot scanning equipment to tabulate them.

California law provides that VBM ballots may be accepted through Friday, November 20th provided that they are postmarked on or before November 3, 2020. Approximately 700 mail ballots were received today. They are included in the VBM count and remain to be processed and counted.

In addition to the VBM ballots detailed above, more than 500 provisional ballots have been received and require examination. This process will begin following the completion of the updates to voter participation history.

At this time, we anticipate providing an update to the vote totals late tomorrow afternoon. In an effort to complete all processes as soon as possible, Merced Elections is running a second shift daily.

Election staff also began to retrieve election equipment from throughout the county. All equipment will be inventoried, cleaned, serviced and stored.

The canvass will continue until complete.

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