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Politics As Usual Is Absolutely Necessary For Our Democracy

Readers may notice our pages of the paper are full of political interviews. Why do we devote so much space to these political interviews?

The people we elect to office make the decisions which will determine the future of our community.

For candidates, running for office is a time consuming process. It can be expensive. Some of these political positions provide little or no pay.

So why would anyone bother to run for office?

It is because Democracy would not work without them running for office.

When our forefathers founded this nation, political office holders were never supposed to do it because it benefitted them financially or personally. That concept has never changed; however, there are those who have used their office for ulterior motives.

Those same forefathers endured hardships of making it to the meeting halls where this country’s Constitution was born. They faced robust and lengthy debate, disagreement and criticism. That has never changed for our political leaders.

Today the decisions concern more modern issues, but they are no easier to make. The mission has not changed, and that is “How Best To Serve” the voters and residents of our community.

Our job as a newspaper is to try and let the reader know more about the background and thinking of those who run for office.

We salute every person who is willing to run for office. Whether we endorse them or not, we feel this town and this country would be lost without them.

The job of the voter is to get out and vote. The shame is that too many people don’t.

The voting process is made easier with ballots mailed to the home. No longer is it necessary to go to a polling place to cast a vote. In our estimation there is no reason for not voting if you are registered. And registration is not difficult.

While nationwide there are those who question the handling and counting of votes. To our knowledge, there has never been a complaint that our county has handled the voting improperly.

This election, as others in the past, is very important as we face major issues like Public Safety, the Homeless problem and Housing.

Please take the time to read about the candidates and the issues. It is the very least that you can do.

You do not have to agree with them, but it would help to know what they stand for, before you fill out your ballot.

The freedom to vote did not come without major battles in our country.

Those battles are still taking place all over the world today.


It is your obligation.

God Bless America.

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