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Plastic Wraps Will Be Death Of Us Seniors

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John Derby

We understand that all the plastic wraps, and the hard-to-open medicine containers, are there for our benefit; however, thank you, but no thank you.

The plastic which covers most products nowadays would withstand a bomb during a military air raid, and the medicine containers are so good that they can only be opened by children, who, by the way, are the ones the containers are trying to keep out.

Now the safety concerns have been transferred to other products, like a screw top bottle of wine which was bought overseas recently. This bottle could have been floated across the Pacific and it would never have opened, and some of the food containers need a jack hammer to open.

Is this all for us, the seniors of the world, or is there some underlying motive that manufacturers have in mind?

At Costco, where they like to tie two or four jars together to sell them as a group, the plastic which ties them together requires a bolt cutter to break loose. Is Costco afraid that we will break the combination apart and ask to pay for only one of the items in the group?

In our kitchen there is a pair of shears, specially there to attack such products. Even these don’t work sometimes, and it is necessary to take the product out to the vice in the garage and give it the what for.

Don’t misunderstand this as a complaint against the firms which are trying to keep us healthy. Actually, once we open some of these products there is no need to go to the local gym for a workout, we just had our workout opening a jar of three bean salad.

Now everything comes in reusable containers, which are appreciated; however, the one item we would like to refill, is the new salt and pepper shakers which have a self grinder as part of the bottle.

Now try to get those tops off and you will meet your match. There is no way to get these tops off and we believe they are meant to be that way from the manufacturer. If we could get the tops off, then we wouldn’t have to pay for new salt and pepper shakers when they go empty.

So all this might seem like a lot about nothing; however, if things keep getting more difficult to open, they might as well forget us as buyers. When it takes a vice and a pair of garden shears to open the average product, we might all just hire a person to go along with the product.

Or maybe that is what our kids are for. We have to use them anyway to tell us how to use our smart phone. Soon, they will tell us how to open up a can of beans.

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