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Peachy Queen and her Pits return to the Partisan

Although the night was calm and frigid outdoors, it was hot and full of energy at the Partisan nightclub last weekend with the return of Peachy Queen and her Peachy Keen Burlesque & Variety show.

Performers from near and far came to this beloved downtown spot at the center of Merced’s growing arts scene, in order to celebrate the performing arts, themselves, as well as community. The incredible performers of the evening were Peachy Queen, Edie Eve, Guy Vigor, Ifn Whendy, Starlet O Hara, Henessy Williams, Ladyliquid (a.k.a. Tyrone), in addition to a group of lovely helpers, Peachy’s Pits.

This production, as the title implies, was the created and organized by Peachy Queen, who is Merced Local Tanisha McClain. She made her way into Burlesque only 4 years ago and is already paving her own way in the community. As her time has progressed and has more shows under her belt, she has learned that the best way for the crowd to have fun, is for her to have fun with the work herself, so she has begun embracing the more silly and playful side of burlesque.

“I really love the freedom and versatility that the stage has to offer,” says Peachy Queen. “I can become a character and just really get into it. I appreciate all the love and support that has already been coming this way while introducing a Burlesque community here. I can’t wait to continue building and bringing more live art to share with our already flourishing arts community.”

Burlesque is much more than the common stereotypes, it is an art form and community that revolves around a love for theater, self-expression, and silliness. When asked about such misconception in the public/media, Peachy said, “Burlesque is not all small bodies and feather fans. Burlesque is varied and it can be everything from sexy to silly and nerdy. All bodies are capable of creating magic … there is no one type of ‘Burlesque body’… anyone who says otherwise is outdated in their perceptions.”

If you are interested in seeing the next Peachy Queen’s Peachy Keen Burlesque & Variety show, it is scheduled for April 15, so be on the lookout for tickets, as they’ll likely sell out!


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