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Our Images Of 2020: The Never-ending Year


It was the year many of us would like to put in the rear view mirror.

But even on New Year’s Eve — with all the hope and prayers for better days ahead — the events, actions and circumstances of 2020 are by no means fading away.

The threat of the worldwide pandemic has not diminished despite news that vaccines are on the way. The holidays have brought on a surge in local COVID-19 cases and deaths as the virus continues to spread through Merced County.

Local mom-and-pop stores, restaurants and other small businesses are still facing closures and financial ruin as local, state, and federal agencies scramble to roll out new rounds of economic relief packages.

The status of our education system — from elementary schools to the university level — remains tentatively in hybrid learning and the reality of an unpredictable, immediate future.

The fallout of last summer’s violent social unrest across the nation continues to simmer, and the controversies and consequences of a historic election year remain in the public eye.

With this in mind, the Times presents our most memorable pictures of 2020.

You know, they say every picture tells a story.

Well, we say the story in each of these pictures … isn’t over yet.


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