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Merced families join effort to share Thanksgiving


Hundreds of people were lined up outside of the American Legion Hall on Main Street in Merced last Thursday morning as they awaited a traditional Thanksgiving Day meal organized by the Merced County Rescue Mission and dozens of community organizations, residents, and those wishing all Mercedians to have a happy holiday.

Held annually, the feast for those in need provides enough turkey, stuffing, vegetables, baked potatoes, and pie for countless residents throughout the Merced area.

Merced County Rescue Mission Executive Director Bruce Metcalf noted a particularly welcome site this year. While always equally thankful for the generous support of all of the businesses and organizations who support the event, he was quick to note he had seen numerous families who had made their way into the ranks of their volunteering forces.

“We’re seeing a lot of fathers, mothers, and grandparents this year alongside of their sons, daughters, and grandchildren” said Metcalf. “They’re just residents, and they’ve started to come out with their children and grandchildren to help instill a sense of how important it is to reach out and help others in this younger generation, which is wonderful to see.”

As those who made their way to the meal finished their plate, they were invited to take a foiled covered plate of a second serving of the items offered, or any of the leftovers they were unable to finish while at the event.

Metcalf noted that additional food would be taken to the D Street Homeless Shelter and the various family programs in the Rescue Mission network.

“We make sure that none of the food goes to waste,” said Metcalf. “While we always want to cook more than enough to make sure everyone who shows up today has enough to eat, we are very thankful ourselves for the food and do everything to make sure none of it goes to waste.”

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