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Merced courts celebrate Juror Appreciation Week

The Superior Court of California, County of Merced is celebrating Juror Appreciation Week from May 9-13, to recognize the service and participation of jurors from our local community.

Recognition for jurors during the second week in May was established by a special resolution passed by the California Legislature in 1998 to acknowledge the important contributions of citizens who devote their time and effort in “making the cherished right of trial by jury a reality.”

“We greatly appreciate the contributions and sacrifices jurors make to our justice system” said Presiding Judge Mark Bacciarini. “There will always be a need for jurors and, through their service, be able to resolve our disputes in a court of law. There is simply no replacement for their role in our legal system.”

Annually, millions of Californians statewide participate in jury service:

• Approximately 9 million people are summoned to jury service;

• More than 4 million prospective jurors are eligible and available to serve; and

• Approximately 80 percent of prospective jurors who report to courthouse in person complete service in one day.


For more information regarding jury service, contact Amanda Toste, Court Executive Officer/Jury Commissioner at (209) 725-4100, and see, or visit the Jury Service section of the California Courts website.

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