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Merced County Honors Thousands Of Local Graduates

The Class of 2023 includes 3,735 graduates in six high school districts across Merced County. Most of them — 2,707 — are from campuses in the Merced Union High School District. And a majority of those received diplomas in one big night on June 1.

Golden Valley High School in Merced celebrated the largest graduating class with 467 graduates. The Times joins thousands of friends and family members in a big cheer for the Class of 2023. They were freshmen when the covid pandemic hit and the school closures began. We cheer them on for their achievements, their determination and their resiliency.

In this week’s hardcopy edition, we have photos of the Merced-area ceremonies and we tried to include the names of as many local graduates as we could print in a Special Section inside of the newspaper!

Editor’s note: The following speech was given by Valedictorian student speaker Christian Macalincag to his classmates, school faculty and family members during the graduation ceremony at El Capitan High School in Merced on June 1.

Good evening everyone. I am so grateful to those who have attended this celebration with us. Thank you for your time this evening. It is truly an honor to be able to speak to you all.

Here at El Capitan High School, I have found there are three overarching truths that the Class of 2023 shared.
The first being: nachos.

El Capitan High School lunches are nothing short of interesting. From the surface, they could seem boring. Getting the same nachos, hanging out with the same people, standing in the same spot everyday for 25 minutes sounds monotonous.
However, they were everything but.

Lunch was for cram studying before your genetics test next period. For hearing the latest news on who’s asking who to Prom. For Leadership events in the amphitheater to where you had to stand on benches just to see over somebody’s head. For laughs. For arguments. And for being a student at El Capitan High School.

So many of my friendships grew from eating the cheese and meat juice-soaked tortilla chips during lunch. I felt that this simple meal unified the school everyday. It made the school feel like a single unit. Yet as this singular El Cap Gaucho unit, I was able to see many diverse groups of students coexist comfortably.

The second truth: The Class of 2023 cultivated an environment where you can be your true self.

I will ask you a simple question. How many Zell Masengales are there in the world?

Only one. He is truly one of a kind. My friend is simply just one example of our class culture’s ability to create young individuals who believe in what they want to believe in, and be who they want to be.

The Class of 2023 has hundreds of college admits, barbers, athletes, artists, musicians, and much much more.

The Class of 2023 at El Capitan High School, I am proud to say, is not a uniform, one-noted group of students who all believe in the same thing. We are diverse, and we are confident in our ability to embrace our unique individualism.

The last and final truth: The Class of 2023 at ECHS has shown an extraordinary amount of acceptance and understanding within the student body and the school itself.

The Class of 2023 are individuals that accept each other for who they are. The teachers, the staff, the counselors, everyone here at El Capitan High School, accepted who a student was as a person and the choices they made.

It is not culture here to chastise, to bully, or to isolate individuals who are simply themselves. The Class of 2023 does not judge an individual for how they dress. For their interests. For their potentially lethal peanut allergy.
We accept and understand.

Having acceptance of individuality instilled in the Class of 2023’s mind means that El Capitan is releasing a group of open-minded individuals into society, who are willing to have discussion, work things out, and understand in this constantly divided world.

To everyone on campus, here to improve our learning and our lives every single day, thank you so very much. To the parents, families, friends, and supporters of the Class of 23, thank you for supporting us and for believing in us, rain or shine.

I would like to thank my sister for always being my biggest supporter. Thank you, ate guy. And thank you to my parents for helping me live. I always love you guys.

So Class of 23. We did it!

For as cliche as that sounds, we very much made it through a global pandemic, multiple nationwide and statewide lockdowns, falling brick, tons of construction, and lastly lunch.

I personally thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to speak today, and showcase why the Class of 2023 is so special.

And finally, I am very happy to say Congratulations to the El Capitan Class of 2023.
Go Gauchos!


Gauchos who have ‘seen it all’ bid farewell

By Jonathan Whitaker



El Capitan High School graduated some 417 students last Friday night, June 1, on a big stage in front of a capacity audience of family members.

“Over our time here I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all,” said Thomas Behn, one of the Valedictorian speakers. “We saw multiple teams here win CCC championships, we’ve seen school shut down, we’ve seen teachers and staff come and go, and this year we got to experience what it’s like to go to school at a construction site. But throughout all of this, the constant has been us, our class, the class of 2023, and we have been through it all.”

El Cap’s graduates of distinction included 56 Valedictorians, 37 Salutatorians, and 180 Gold Cord recipients.

During the ceremony, Athlete of the Year awards were given to swimming star Rob Carpenter and basketball standout Mya Farr.

Scholar Athlete of the Year awards were presented to volleyball star Hanna Moradzadeh and basketball star Brody Collins.

Presiding over the event, was Megan Cope, the school’s principal; and Amalee Jayasinghe, vice president of the Merced Union High School District Board of Trustees.

El Capitan High School Class of 2023

Aurora Leigh Abarca
Maria Guadalupe Abarca
Kasandra Gabriela Acosta
Kayla Rose Adrian
Isaias Aguilar JR
Erick Aguilar Hernandez
Zahir Aguirre
Michael Aiden Albright
Giancarlo Alcantar-Hernandez
Jazlyn Laica Cruz Alejandrino
Aldo Alejo-Ceja
Alan Jesus Alejo-Perez
Sajjya Alkozai
Mariah Allen
Luke Bernard Danganan Almeda
Nur A S Alnatour
Sana Alokozai
Kayla Alvarado
Monica Alvarado Chavez
Luis Antonio Alvarez
Offir Alvarez
Elmer Alvarez-Hernandez
Jessica Isabelle Alviter
Andrea Amezquita Marin
Gabriela Katie Leanne Anderson
Tyler Cheng Aphay
Ruben Isai Aquino-Martinez
Carlos Aranda-Alamo
Ruby L Aranda-Fuentes
Rafael Joaquin Arceo III
Abel A Arellano
Yuliza Arias-Collazo
Eli Michael Atkinson
Diana G Avalos-Ortega
Hector Avendano Colmenares
Joshua Azer
Anna Julie Bachour
Tejveer Singh Bagri
William Cordova Bain
Andrew Nicholas Bakken
Elijah M Balderas
Adan Banuelos
Adam Barakat
Isaac Hunter Barcellos
Misael Barrera Serrano
Christopher Tammam Bashour
Caitlin Ellen Battles-Edwards
Christian Carlos Bautista
Jeremiah Aiden James Bazan
Andres Becerra
Rachel Paige Behn
Thomas Ronald Behn
Demi Brooke Benitez
Cooper Robin Bernard
Marlyzeth Berrum
Parker William Blake
Alex Vladamir Bondarenko
Adalyna Star Brady
Paulina Brito Ramos
Cooper Eugene Brown
Justina Marie Butler
Jacqueline Caballero
Van Edsel Albarillo Calaunan
Copeland Jared Camp
Marco Antonio Campos
Ashton David Capron
Jayden Matthew Cardenas
Isabel Naima Carmona
Robert Tiberio Carpenter
Andrea Carranza-Villa
Elizett Carreno-Cruz
Lorena Castaneda-Ceja
Marc Anthony Cazares
Pedro Cazares Jr
Rafael Ceja Jr
Ivan Arturo Ceja Barajas
Aldrianne Angeli Ceniza
Kadey Kabnoog Cha
Justin Keng Chang
Mai Kou Chang
Tiffany Chang
Leah M Chao
Cyril Charway
Ismael Chavez
Magaly Chavez Alvarado
Alexandra Chavez-Bautista
Dylan McQuaid Cherf
Reginald Xavion Choyce-Johnson
Diorelys Claudio Negroni
Brody Douglas Collins
Kathia Contreras
Larissa Ianna Contreras
Marisol Contreras
Annika Maria Cook
Gloria Cortes-Rios
Anai Cortes-Suarez
Jalissa Rosemary Cortez
Jeffrey Logan Costa
Johana Covarrubias-Contreras
Paulina Covarrubias-Perez
Abbie’Gail Cruz
Sofia Cruz
Reese Kennedy Cuttone
Luke Andre Darnell
Guadalupe Davalos-Amezcua

Layla Marie Davidson
Calvin Davis IV
Bella DeHaro
Alexander Delgado
Juan Daniel Delgado
Brandon Alexander Deloa
Riley Jo Delworth
Brando d’Escoto
Lalayne Diaz
Serenah Riann Dickison
Fermin Duran
Kaden Michael Duyette
Noah Echols
Londyn Ekizian
Jenna Akram Elbendary
Kaydence Marie Ellison
Chloe Elwess
Jasmin Angelina Enriquez
Zachary Marcus Escobar
Chloe Alyssa Len Espinoza
Yamilet Espinoza
Emily Gabriela Espitia
Evelyn Esquivel-Higareda
Ilony Estrada
Yulissa Estrada-Sandoval
Mya Ashlie Farr
Samantha Jo Farrington
Emanuel Figueroa
Cassidy Marie Fischer
Sabrina Tina-Marie Flores
Jailene Gallegos-Navarrete
Lesli Guadalupe Gamino
Giselle Ashley Garcia
Jordan Joseph Garcia
Nancy Garcia
Paul Michael Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Ortiz
Brenda Garcia-Olvera
Jesus Garcia-Zaragoza
Maximus Garibay
Joseph Michael Garrett
Julissa Cienna Godoy
Sakiya Myriam Gail Godreau
Yazel Gomez
Adolfo Gonzales-Bernardino
Angel G Gonzales-Bernardino
Arturo Daniel Gonzalez-Luna
Anthony Gonzalez-Mendez
Alejandro Gonzalez-Moreno
Mason Keith Gooding
Hari Brunda Gopireddy
Rose Vangie Grajeda
Yadira Granados Quintana
Raul Guardado III
Evelyn Gudino-Rosas
Surikey Guerra
Edgar Gutierrez
Jania Gutierrez
Jeovany Luis Gutierrez
Kayla Nayeli Guzman
Hermione Guzman Lopez
Maryssa Amber Hartman
Na’Jah Simon Henderson
Savannah Christine Hendricks
Alison Elizabeth Henenfent
Aiden T Her
Chin Su Nathanuel Her
Kurtis Her
Anthony Horatio Hermosillo
Joseph Raymond Hernandez Jr
Diana Hernandez-Aceves
Giselle Hernandez-Aleman
Jeanette Hernandez-Doria
Natalie Anyssa Hernandez-Gutierrez
Abigail Gaozoua Herr
Gracie Herr
Damien Herrera
Leslie Shantal Herrera Mendoza
Aaliyah Samariah Hewitt
Trey Hoffman
Jamesha Hollaway
Mitchell William Hunter
Kaeley Nicole Hurte
Lara E Huwaidi
Tamer E Huwaidi
Kanon Ichinose
Tom Inthavong
Wendy Jacqueline Jimenez
Bryce Santiago Johnson
Kyra Simone Johnson
Amber Kahlon
Shayan Khan
Prabh deep Singh Khera
Tyler Kao Khotesouvan
Vieyiti Kateri-Maria Kouadio
Hemant Kulkarni
Andrew Alexander Lagunas
Sergio Lara Hernandez
Mariana Lara-Bedolla
Anastasia N Lee
Jared Ryan Lee
Kao Lee
Koob Moov Lee
Lena Lee
Monqueshii Lee

Manuel Leon-Figueroa
Jose Leon-Hernandez
Jose Leonides-Urbano
Carlos Celestino Lepe
Aimy Li
Oliver Emmanuel Licea-Valencia
Bryan Lopez
Eric Lopez
Jose Jesus Lopez
Marissa Anette Lopez
Aaron Lopez-Jimenez
Nataly Pamela Lopez-Moreira
Tina Lor
Dinah Lua
Yomaree Lua
Cristina Luis-Villa
Izaya Lupercio
Karen Ly
Christian Josh Mendoza Macalincag
Aaron Mencion Macay
Julisa Maceda-Justo
Chase Edward Macias
Collin Michael Maciel
Donovan Alfred Magana
Natalia Janet Magana-Perez
Anai Sayra Maldonado
Trinity Heaven Maldonado
Ceaser S Manzo
Angelo James D Marcos
Fabian Manuel Martinez
Leopoldo Martinez
Zoewie Kira Martinez
Jose David Martinez Villafana
Selena Juliet Martinez-Aguilar
Zell Michael Masengale
Edward Anthony Medina
Kenny Mena-Castro
Leah Yasmine Mendoza
Wendy Mendoza
Monica Mendoza-Barreto
Adrian Miao
Ryan Andrew Middleton
Faith Miller
Philip Jay Miller
Melanie Julissa Mojica
Manuel Jr Molina
Perla Molina Solorio
Katherine Montalvo
Hanna Moradzadeh
Humberto Rodriguez Moreno III
Maritza Moreno
Zeke Moses
Xotchil Citlaly Mota
Andrea Ci Tshiab Moua
Brian Toufue Moua
Dylan – Moua
Francisco Tou Moua
Marcus Jang Moua
Lanny Christopher Mua
Abigale Murphy
Maxwell Teva Murphy
Jana Marilyn Nandino
Nevaeh Cincere Nascimento
Lesly Dayanara Navarro-Chavez
Desmond Cruz Newberry
Zachary Lucas Ochoa
Stacy Olivares
Isaac Olvera
Griselda Olvera-Gama
Anahi Cristina Ortega
Daniel Ortiz-Vasquez
Madison Grace Padron
Roxana Lizbeth Pantoja Garcia
Shivam Dipan Parbhu
Henry Pareira
Jimin Park
Giselle Marie Partida
Emma Lee Paskin
Cheyenne Monique Pedrino
Jesus Peralta-Muniz
Gissele Evelyn Perez
Luis Noe Pinacho-Rios
Chanel Cierra Polk
Alan Prado-Prado
Reynaldo Tony-Sutter Prieto
Russell J Pryor
Lyvana Vinita Quejado
Emma Ramey
Alejandro Valencia Ramirez
Leslie Daniela Ramirez
Julissa Ramirez-Navarrete
Bertin Ramirez-Rios
Alianna Thalia Ramos
Isabel Ramos
Maria Elizabeth Ramos
Cristian Reyes
Jacqueline Reyes
Miriam C Reyes-Bolanos
Anayeli Reyes-Jimenez
Yanet Reyes-Paulino
Aiden Jaron Richmond
Angel M Rivera
Miguel V Rivera
Xavier Rivera
Carlos Rizo-Ramirez
Dylan Anthony Robinson
Joshua John Roden

Malik Richard Alvin Rodriguez
Nicholas James Roy Rodriguez
Samantha Ann Rodriguez
Brenda Isabel Rojas
Ayana Rubio
Levi Saechao
Kailani May Saefong
Liew Voei Saefong
Izayah Fou Ae Saelee
Katelyn Naiguew Saelee
Khamailee Saelee-Manivong
Jago Khao Saephanh
Cristian Salas
Alexander Enrique Salazar
Sabian Victor Salgado
Elias Antonio Sanchez
Erik Diaz Sanchez
Jadelyn Victoria Sanchez
Magdaleno Antonio Sanchez
Noel Sandoval-Pulido
Jacqueline Santana
Alexis Santiago
Gabriel Luis Ibe Sarmiento
Morgan Kate Saucedo
Conrad Jacob Schneider
Jacob Clifford Schwesinger
Jeremiah Scott Schwesinger
Jenay Ashlyn Scott
Liliana Alexia Serena
Shelby Shelton
Prabjot Singh Shergill
Angelleah Danielle Silva
Paul Antonio Silva
Juan Silvar-Reyes Jr
Xavier Desai-Elijah Silver
Albert James Simonian Jr
Gursewak Singh
Madelyn Skinner
Ryan Jacob Smith
Haley Faith Sorensen
Felix Alejandro Soriano
Giovanni Soto
Truman Dean Steeley
Karla Suarez
Richard Ian Sullivan
Kalana Summerville
Maram Suwailih
Aaron Tapetillo
Erica Kenyda Kay Taylor
Kassidy Janae Taylor
Angela Thao
Ashley Torres
Isaac Elijah Torres
Nereyda Berenice Torres Macias
Michelle Torres-Bernardino
Briana Torres-Elias
Jeyli Trevino
Carson Scott Trost
Angelo Contreras Tumonong
Janelley Alexandra Tydeman Bibat
Pete Valdez Jr
Isis Abigail Valencia-Benavidez
Alexis Jovany Valencia-Garcia
Deandra Miranda Valenzuela
Ryan Curtis VanBebber
Machiko Nkauj Ntshiab Vang
Wendy Gautzong Vang
Lucero Vasquez
Juana Roxana Vasquez Rodriguez
Juan David Vasquez-Hernandez
Oswaldo A Vazquez
Jennifer Vazquez-Montanez
Marilynn Anne Vega
Nicholas Vega
Gianna Lauren Veldhuis
Valeria Villa-Celis
Bryant Tyler Villanueva
Eric Villanueva
Ivan Villasenor
Anissa Lynn Walker
Shellene Aliyah-Jean Wardwell
Derek David Warren
Charlize-Rose Semilla Wee
Yuriah Kristiana Monae White
Jimmy Willford
Karli Sueanne Willis
Colby Jason Willmon
Abraham A Wilson
Bryce Doron Wright
Joseph Wychunas
Christy Xiong
Matea Kazong Xiong
Sharon Xiong
Timothy Jimmy Xiong
Vivian Nas Ej Xiong
Luis Yanez
Larissa Malia Yang
Morrea Lynn Yankey
Luukas Yontila
Javier Jose Zamudio
Mikayla Zeledon

Resilient Bears cross the stage for well-earned diplomas

By John Miller


Merced High School bid farewell to 386 graduates on June 1. The ceremony took place inside of the Bears’ Cathie Hostetler Stadium. Hundreds more were seated in the stands as the Bear Family recognized academic and athletic achievements.

Andrea Portillo, Ana Contreras Flores, and Sandra Xiong would welcome those attending the event in English, Spanish, and Hmong respectively. Merced High Principal Marcus Knott would next take to the podium to speak to the graduating class and those in the stands.

“Almost 31 years ago, I too was a graduate of Merced High School in the Class of 1992,” said Knotts. “Over the last 31 years, I have remained close to many of my classmates through some of the best and most joyous times, as well as some of the most difficult times in my life. I have had fellow Bears stand with me allowing me to lean on them and giving me people I know I can trust.”

Knott went on to say that many of the people he respects most were those who graduated alongside of him as a Bear. “They’re people who operate from a place of impeccable integrity, people who don’t quit in the face of difficulty, but instead raise up to meet challenges head on and persevere until the mission or goal is accomplished. That is what you have done, and will continue to do, because although you’re graduating tonight, you will always be Bears, and that is what we do, and that is what Bears do.”

Olivia Bruner would make her way to the podium as well to serve as the Class of 2023’s Valedictorian speaker.

“After four very long years, plagued by a pandemic, a flood, and virtual school, I would like to say that we are one of the most resilient classes to cross the stage,” she said. “In spite of all of the obstacles placed before of us, we were unwavering in our pursuit of the caps and gowns we have on today.

“Despite the trade offs and missed opportunities, we still fought to sit in these chairs and say that we are the graduating Class of 2023. As we go forward wherever that may be I hope you all remember to release the regret we all hold so tightly too. We can look back on all of our mistakes and let them hold us back or look to the future and what is to come.”

Principal Knott would present the graduating class to Merced Union High School District Deputy Superintendent Ralph Calderon and MUHSD School Board Clerk Tiffany Pickle. Then came a deafening cheer as members of the Class of 2023 made their way across the stage to obtain their diplomas.

Merced High School Class of 2023

Gerardo Acevedo
Alyzza Jeannette Acosta
Keashawn Morris Aguilar
Makayla Rae Aguilar
Luis Ocampo Aguiniga
Jocelyn Marie Aldaco-Garcia
Haniyah Allahdad
Miguel Alvarez
Fabrizio Alvarez Andrade
Genesis Dynce Amezcua
Alyssa Rose Pitman Ancheta
Jada Lizette Andrade
Lavell Lamont Andrews
Romieo Julian Arciga
Joshua Devlin Arias
Diana Arteaga-Silva
Bryant Justin Austin II
Aaliyah Gina Elaine Avila
Elayna Arabella Avila
Freddy Avila
Azalia Michelle Ayala
Dorian Tyree Baggett
Abraham Talavera Barajas JR
Briseis Arin Barajas
Dee-Arian Joahntae Barfield
Mikaylah Barnes
Jason Shem Bates Jr
Angel Nestor Bautista
Fayth Donielle Bautista
Leilani Bautista Avila
Carlos David Becerra-Luis
Alexa Danielle Benton
Jenavieve Calista Bernardino-Martin
Steven Joseph Berumen Jr
Kenneth Julian Bettelyoun
Kenneth Bolanos Flores
Dominic Mark Bonilla
Noah Jerry Bornhouser
Jovannie Bravo Torres
Wallace Joseph Jamez Breckenridge
Allen Jerome Brooks
Landen Michael Brown
Olivia Grace Bruner
Albert Josue Caballero
Na’sean Jontae Caldwell
Brittinee Virginia Canyon
Breeze Nevaeh Cardoza
Alan Carranza Avila
Miranda Carrillo
Estrella Castillo
Moises Haven Castillo
Cristian Isaiah Castro
Andres Ricardo Catano
Juan Manuel Ceja
Rosa Nayeli Ceja-Salas
Joel Alfonso Cerna JR
Karlo Larenz Cervantes
Ricardo Cervantes III
Liana Kenya Chairez
Angel Chang
Joy Summer Chang
Richard Y. Chang
Leah Charriez
Aileen Gisselle Chavez
Alejandro Uribe Chavez
Elizabeth Lee Chavez
Natalia Chavez
Yener Octavio Chavez Chavez
Jack Gavin Collins
Tobias Sebastian Collins
Lluniel Colmenares
Ana Paola Contreras-Flores
Leah Rae Cordova
Joshua Miguel Corona
Norma Vanessa Cortez
Richard Carmine Cruz
Ty Antonio Curiel
Abram Vincent Curless
Athena Davies
Faith Lily Davies
Mayra Davila-Perez
Naianna Renne Davis
Isis Briseis De La Cruz
Angel Delgado-Jimenez
Isabella Anne Diaz
Jasmyn Alonzo Diaz
Trinity Petra Lelani Diaz
Ameya Marie-Lynn Dickerson
Briseis Lyn Dominguez
Eduardo Antonio Duarte
Kamarya Cherise Dugo
Jack Nelson Dunbar
Andrew Duran JR
Aliza Bethanie Edwards
Nathaniel Andrew Egure
Javier Anthony Elizondo
Noah Mohsen Eltareb
Alexa Fernanda Escamilla
Alexis Elizabeth Esquivel
Gilbert Estrada
Victoria Alejandra Estrada Chavez
Dwayne Lamont Ewing

Owen James Fausette
Ashlyn Elizabeth Figueroa
Analiese Lilliana Flores
Yadira Flores-Lomeli
Jeremiah Amanaki Folau
Kourosh Foroutanaliabad
Nathen Thomas Freeman
Jacob Andrew Friedman
Analise Nevaeh Gallaway
Hailee Lynn Gallegos
Antonio Mario Galletti
Joeceleen Izelliah Galvan
Alona Marie Garcia
Bradley Oziel Garcia
Emerson Brooklyn Garcia
Melany Garcia
Robert Garcia III
Susan Martinez Garcia
Gloria Estefania Garcia Alfaro
Destiny Garza
Gage Alexander Garza
Seth Aidan Gilbert
Miguel Angel Godoy-Ortiz
Elie Nazih Goldman
Amena Ann Gomez
Leilany Elisabette-Marie Gonzales
Alynah Lanei Gonzalez
Arambel Gonzalez Jr.
Makenzie Carma Gonzalez
Leslie Gonzalez-Martinez
Noe Govea
Abram Asic Granados
Le Asia Mona Grayson
Jay Grissom
Gabriel Guerrero
Damian Gutierrez
Efrain Gutierrez Jr.
Maximus Michael Harban
Kailynn Vesta Harmon
Isaac Joseph Haro
Carter Berg Haugen
Aliyah Marie Hawkins
Genessa Love Hearing
Dustin James Henderson
Yen W. Her
Shanna Nicole Hermosillo
Dominick Nathaniel Hermoso
Crystal Alexa Hernandez
Marco Antonio Hernandez
Eric Noah Hernandez-Gonzalez
Genesis Hernandez-Jimenez
Yoceli Hernandez-Martinez
Esmeralda Hernandez-Ramirez
Luke Robert Hobbs
Anthony John Horal
Kyrie Nasir-Terrell Hunt
Christel Ildefonzo
Camren Ray Ince
Aaron Willard Isakow
James Ryan Jacklitsch
Jesus Alexis Jacobo-Celis
Julious Cesar Jaimes
Noe Jaimes Torres
Jesus Jarquin-Colmenares
Malaya Denae Jenkins
Malakye J. Vaughn Jones
Lorenzo Axel Jorgenson
Alma Windy Juarez-Cortes
Ra’Sheed Tarbir Alonzo Kilson
Naima Jean King
Madison Lilly Lazaro
Malaki Juliene Leach
Caleb Koobmoov Lee
Cody Tue Hue Lee
Ronald Sayaxang Lee
Austin Red Lejarde
Corrina Leilani Lemus
Ajay Emmanuel Leon
Elijah James Levine
Jordan J. Lewallen
Jeremiah Mekhi J. Lindsey
Angelica Maria Little
Phillip Todd Logan JR
Adamari de Jesus Lopez
Adrian Lopez
Deliylha Renee Lopez
Haiden-Alexander Taylor Lopez
Mia Liani Lopez
Brayan Aucensio Lopez-Canela
Brianna Lopez-Rocha
Braylon Michiel Loy
Marlen Lozano-Aguilar
Kevin Francisco Lucero
Kenny Lyles
Austin Alexander Lyon
Christina Maclachlan
Jose Antonio Madrigal
Marissa Rene Madrigal
Abbie Maestas
William Magana-Quintero
Qionte Tobias Major

Juan Julian Maldonado-Reyes
Omar Manzo-Salcido
David Marquez-Flores
Cristian Anthony Martinez
Kevin Jafet Martinez
Melissa Martinez
Nico Julian Martinez
Sophia Leslie Martinez
Isaiah Robert Martins
Lainey Paige Mason
Makayla Danae Mathis
Ethan David Matsuo
Michelle Mattos
Fernando Mayoral
Gabriel Mayoral-Garcia
Isabella Aaliyah McDaniel
Kiah Leighann McKain
Devarion Noland McKinney
Axel Adalberto Mejia Lopez
Diego Benjamin Menchaca
Alejandro Mendez
Natalie Mendoza
Rolando Gabriel Mendoza
Stephany Natali Mendoza
Elizabeth Paulina Mendoza Antonio
Cynthia Lena Messing
Moshe Miranda-Castrejon
Rheeya R. Mishra
Carter Bryan Moen
Mohamed Mohamed
Kaleo Kealii Moku
Louis Montgomery IV
Yessenia Mora
Elliott Joaquin Morris-Mattes
Victoria Elizabeth Morris-Mattes
MoNei Artasia Mosby
Zon Forest Moua
Jasmine Angel Moulasy
MaryKay Christina Mounce
Afaan Zubair Muhammad Ally
Ryker James Munson
Cristina Isabel Murillo-Lopez
Angel Allen Nanez
Isabella Marie Nardello
Evan Noel Nava
Ricardo Nazario Rojas
Vi Nguyen
Zyere Malakai Nicholson- Johnson
Leila Marie Norris
Michael Anthony Ojeda-Guerrero
Reginald Oliver II
Alexis Santiago Oregel-Campos
Jose Eduardo Oregel-Pena
Damian Enrique Orozco II
Ethan Fabian Ortega
Joshua Marc Ortega
Omar Guadalupe Ortega-Bernal
Alejandro Ethan Ortis
Magali Ortiz-Perez
Trinity Rene Oseguera
Julissa Pacheco-Tabarez
Maren Masako Palumbo
Edward Paredez
Aiden Richard Parker
Marcel Vincent Partida
Ethan William Patrick
Diego Pedraza-Sanchez
Ximena Penaloza
Gabrielle Leah Perez
Kenia Paloma Perez
Leo Perez
Cristofer Perez-Garcia
Brayan Perez-Gonzalez
Belinda Lucia Perez-Hernandez
Daniela Perez-Orozco
Alma Perez-Vasquez
Alexander Joseph Petty
Max Haven Phong
Nevaeh AnnMarie Porter
Andrea Portillo
George Ramirez
Lorena Isabel Ramirez
Damien Angel Ramos
Jeannette Ramos
Vanessa Amelia Ratchford
Emmanuel Reyes
Mia Lynn Reyes
Angie Ricardez-Ramirez
Tierra Samone Richardson
Kaylei Jade Rigers
Adamaris Rivas-Calderon
Nikki Love Robinson
Cristian Alexander Rodriguez
Nicholas Steven Rodriguez

Sarah Aliana Rodriguez-Baria
Jocelyn Alexia Romero
Xavier Estphon Romero
Stephany Crystalina Romero Ayala
Riley Jacob Rosa
Dylan Wayne Rumler
Alyssa Koi Saechao
Fabian Julian Saelee
Haeley Sommer Saelee
Kenneth Bounmy Saengdara
Kanya Saetern
Cassie Cho Saeteurn
Marrea Mayluang Saewang-Saelee
Antonio Miguel Reyes Saldivar
Kate Joelle Samuelson
Jocelyn Unique Sanchez
Jesus Santiago-Chavez
Soledad Santiago-Chavez
Christopher Joseph Santillan
Mario Alberto Santos-Martinez
Evan Guiseppe-Zahn Sargent
Amarah Sade Ramsey Sayles
Alanna Phimpha Saysamone
Makayla Shaynah Segobia
William Ernest Eugene Shaw
Jaiden Juanita Bernadette Shelton
John Charles Simpson JR
Vionce Jamaree Slaughter
Samantha Kaye Slocum
Christopher James Smith Jr.
Payton Anthony Smith
Virgil Theodore Smith JR
Evelynn Elizabeth Solis
Anthony Diego Solorio
Ricardo Ignacio Solorio-Valencia
Julian Seth Soriano
Cohen Gene Sparks
Brody James Spiva
Mylah Reighn Steverson
Averie Elizabeth Anna Stockeland
Alina Leilani Monique Stone
Aminah Rakhimah Tahsen
Tristan Glen Tankersley
Lo’Well Anthony Taylor JR
Mylia Maritza Tejeda
Jose Enrique Tepetitlan
Anthony Robert Tesan
Makayla Katherine Rachel Torres
Natalie Celeste Torres
Moises Torres Torres
Bronson Matthew Turner
Koen Jalon Tyler
Damien Leigh Valenzuela
Ethan Chance Vang
Grace Nahcua Vang
Maxie Pachia Vang
Paris Cloe Vang
Nicholas Andrew Vartabedian
Edgar Joel Vasquez
Giovanny Julian Vega
Martha Vega Cobarrubias
Mathilde Antonia Vialaneix
Heidy Vicente Rios
Omar Villalobos-Felix
Adolfo Angel Villanueva
Giovanni Alonso Villarreal
Samantha Villavicencio
Ethan Law Toua Vue
Mohammad Nazir Wafa
David Ronald Webb
Leemonie Williams
Tyla Barverlyn Williams
Jacob Brandon Winburn
Jaden Marley Winek
Magnus Shuang-Wei Wood
Jada Martha Sukaya Wynne
Allie Xiong
Brandon M. Xiong
Jayden Leng Xiong
Sandra Lublwg Xiong
David Wei Xu
Brice Yang
James Cheng Yang
Jathan Brett Kong Mong Yang
Joshua Koobmoov Yang
Michael Cruz Ybarra
Negina Yusuofi
Mattie Lura Zeiders
Yohan Zuzlewski

Golden Valley sends forth district’s largest graduating class

By Brittany Miller


The quad of Golden Valley High School filled Thursday evening with the families of the class of 2023 graduates. These graduates, who were freshman at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, received their diplomas after fighting numerous obstacles.

In all, there were 467 graduates — the largest graduating class in the Merced Union High School District. El Cap also had 19 valedictorians and 34 salutatorians, who received medals to honor their accomplishments.

Two student speakers shared reflections on their experience during the ceremony, as well as their advice for their fellow students going into the future. Jessica Elias-Mendez and Cooper Hansen both addressed the hurdles their fellow students have overcome, and gave messages of hope for their futures.

Elias-Mendez compared the academic experience to that of her first job, with similar points of frustrations and opportunities for growth. Hansen described it as akin to a game, one composed of a maze of complex paths and difficult choices. Both concluded their speeches with optimistic notes for theirs and their classmates’ futures.

After the speeches, students crossed the stage to receive their diplomas. Families cheered, some blasting fog horns and shooting paper cannons into the air.

Family members were not the only ones moved by this graduating class. Teachers gave warm farewells to students as they moved on to the next chapter of their lives. Golden Valley’s theater and film instructor, Ms. Kirby, reflected on the significance of this group of students.

“I think I’ve cried five times tonight,” said Kirby. “This is the biggest group of seniors I’ve had consecutively for four years in a row, and they are so wonderful…they were freshmen when the pandemic hit. They lost so much when they entered high school, and they fought the hardest to gain it all back. They persevered, and they did so amazing.”

Kirby, along with many of her colleagues, were approached throughout the ceremony not only students, but also family members, who expressed great gratitude for everything they did for the class over the past four years. It was a class that began in a historically significant time, moving forward to create history of their own.

Golden Valley High School Class of 2023

Asucena Abarca-Aguilar
Diego Acasio-Diaz
Alex Aceves-Godinez
Brenda Aguayo
Gracie Aguilar
Alana Aguirre
Valeria Aguirre
James Alaniz
Vianetzy Aldaco-Gomez
Jocimara Alejandre
Alazja Allen
April Alonzo
Alexander Alvarado
Cristina Alvarez
Cynthia Alvarez
Jaden Alvarez
Francisco Alvelo Villalobos
Jose Ambriz-Jimenez
Christopher Anderson
Dominic Anderson-Flores
Alliece Angel
Tlanextli Aranda
Charles Arpan
Brayan Avila
Sebastian Avila
Danilla Avila-Gomez
Alondra Avitia
Jacob Ayala
Guillermo Ayala-Lopez
Serafin Ayala-Maldonado
Pamela Ayala-Ramirez
Angel Badillo Hidalgo
Julianna Baez
Maria Barillas
Nathan Barragan
Mariposa Barreiro
Kendrah Bates
Celia Bautista-Perez
Alejandra Bazaldua-Barreto
Gabriela Becerra
Giselle Bedolla-Barajas
Shane Bettis
James Bond
Ashley Bonilla Arriaga
Dustin Bowers-Parker
Caitlan Boyd
Julianna Boyer
Nyema Brackett
Allison Braun
Jonathan Bravo Sanchez
Arianna Brazell
Emma Buchner
Tiffany Buena
Anai Bueno
Braulio Bustos Guzman
Kara Butler
Emilee Cabello
Natalie Calderon
Ab Calderon-Pulido
Xavier Campos
Angel Cardenas
Esmeralda Cardenas
Emma Carrasco
Jasmin Carrasco
Isabel Carrion Pagan
Rosemary Castillo
Jazlee Castizo
Elijah Jesse Casuga
Madison Cato
Lori Caudillo
Nathalie Ceja-Ciriaco
Jesus Ceja-Lua
Angel Ceja-Reyes
Anthony Cendejas
Jose Cerda Soto
Sahibjit Chahal
Emily Chang
Harry Chang
Vanida Chang
Guadalupe Chavarria Bautista
Andres Chavez
Caleb Chavez
Jimena Chavez
Disney Chavez-Cardenas
Zulma Chavez-Magana
Natalie Chavez-Olivares
Aidan Chilton
Dalton Cline
Timothy Cline
Destiney Collier
Emily Collier
James Collins
Emmah Coronado
Isaac Coronado
Carla Cortes
Alejandro Cortes-Gutierrez
Aden Cuevas
Daniel Davalos-Jacobo
Erick Davalos-Moreno
Zachary Davey
Delbert Davis
Ivan De La Torre Velazquez
Sophia Defehr
Corban DeLeon
Julian Delgadillo Virrey
Carlos Delgado-Guadarrama
Joseph Delos Reyes
Gracie Diaz
Juan Diaz
Daffnie Diaz-Barrientos
Sergio Diaz-Pozos
Isaac Dizon Herrera
Kayliece Edwards
Asha Eldridge
Colin Eldridge
Nathaniel Elias

Jessica Elias-Mendez
Jorge Escalera
Bartholomew Espar-Joza
Zulema Esparza
Priscilla Esquivel
Cesar Estrada
Leo Estrada-Pineda
Santiago Estrada-Reyes
Hector Eustaquio
Makeda Evans
Devin Fagan
Joshua Falla
Farrah Fathi
Nicholas Felix
Adrian Fernandez
Israel Ferreyra Paez
Miguel Fierros-Bernal
Avelina Figueroa
Anastassia Flores
Bryan Flores
Camila Flores
Evan Fox
Jared Freire-Doylet
Camila Gallegos-Gonzalez
Adrian Garcia
Angel Garcia
Bianca Garcia
Brenda Garcia
Emma Garcia
Miah Garcia
Ruben Garcia
Erik Garcia Pena
Maira Garcia-Venegas
Yareli Garnica
Crystalina Garza
Drake Garza
Eleazar Garza
Caylin Gastelum
Mehek Ghattora
Natalia Giner
Kimberly Godinez-Quiroz
Angel Gomez
Abraham Gonzalez
Gerardo Gonzalez
Nathaniel Gonzalez
Ntxaj-Muaj Gonzalez
Josiah Gonzalez Martinez
Isabella Gonzalez-Duran
Liliana Gonzalez-Urbano
Falynn Gragnani
Ellie Green
Hailey Gregory
Kaydyn Grisham
Alanna Guerrero
Cielo Gutierrez-Perez
Christian Guzman Gonzalez
Cooper Hansen
Malachi Harris
Rylee Heffner
Ghowlee Her
Muafuchi Her
Kacey Herman
Damian Hernandez
Evelyn Hernandez
Isabella Hernandez
Jeniffer Hernandez
Jimmy Hernandez
Arath Hernandez-Alvarez
Brianna Hernandez-Gonzalez-Fuentes
Carolina Herrera
Christopher Herrera-Sanchez
Janely Hidalgo
Natalia Hidalgo
Johan Valentin Hidalgo-Hernandez
Angel Higareda-Bautista
Jena Higginbotham
Annamae Holland
Brandon Holland
Owen Holmes
Hannah Hratchian
Jonathan Hubert
Priya Hudson
Alondra Huerta Vallejo
Vanessa Ibarra
Alexis Ibarra Olivas
Allison Jarillo
Jared Jauregui Jimenez
Ayden Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
Anabelle Jimenez-Ceja
Jennifer Jimenez-Martinez
Ky-Lonie Johnson
Ramona Jones
Alice Joyner
Carlos Kestler
David Labra-Contreras
Tyler Lansford
Victor Lara-Escarpita
Travis Laws
Joelee Lazareno
Alexandro Lazaro
Cristian Ledezma-Perez
Kha Lee
Lily Lee
Nathalie Lizarde
Karissa Llamas-Dominguez
Juan Lopez
Manuel Lopez
Peter Lopez
Dayan Lopez-Arreola
Isaiah Love
Magda Lucas Sebastian
Nathaniel Lucero
Destine Luna
Evelyn Lupian-Ceja
Seth Macias

Mariza Madrigal
Angela Magana
Estefania Maldonado
Araceli Maldonado-Gonzalez
Anthony Maldonado-Luberto
Merissa Mandujano
Cristian Manriquez-Cosio
Michelle Mansker
Jesus Manzo-Canela
Mia Marquez
David Marshall
Albert Martinez
Ashley Martinez
Elijah Martinez
Gabrielle Martinez
Jessie Martinez
Lyza Martinez
Marisol Martinez
Melanie Martinez
Samantha Martinez
David Martinez Mendoza
Cristian Martinez Soriano
Damaris Martinez-Valdovinos
Nestor Mata Canizales
Tristen Mathews
Joseph McBee Arellano
Bianca McClindon
Liam McKinnon
Thomas McMaster
Jayden Meagher-Leard
Javier Medel
Isaac Medina
Madison Mejia
Jackelyn Mejia-Gonzalez
Bryan Mendez
Ezekiel Mendoza
Jaylene Mendoza
Mariana Mendoza
Ezekiel Meza
Bryan Molina
Amaryliss Moreno
Jennifer Moreno
Valentina Moreno
Vidal Morquecho
Danny Moua
Eric Moua
Joey Moua
Karah Moua
Karynna Moua
Sarah Moua
Justin Mumby
Anthony Munoz
Izaak Munoz
Savana Munoz
Joseph Murillo
Mya Murray
Aarnavi Nagarajan
Abraham Naranjo-Naranjo
Guadalupe Nava
Angelo Nava-Munoz
Andrea Navarrete
Amyra Navarrette
Angelina Navarro
Isabella Navarro
Maya Nelson
Asika Nicks
David Nolasco
Aubrey Noyes
Catherine O’Bryan-Shade
Michael Odom
Stacey Olivera-Alcaraz
Armando Olloqui-Martinez
Adriana Olmos-Salas
Crystal Olvera
Jon O’Meara
Eli Ophaso
Lewis Orozco
Jesus Ortega-Jabalera
Denise Ortiz
Mariah Ortiz
Omar Osornio
Isaac Pacheco-Garcia
Ana Padilla Pena
Isaiah Palomares
Elijah Paredez
Jazeel Parras
Geneva Pena
Kayla Perez
Makayla Perez
Laneli Perez-Bustamante
Dylan Perez-Laureano
Paris Pinto Aguilar
Emily Pita
Alexa Ponce-Duque
Alejandro Prado-Reyes
Cristian Prado-Vargas
Houston Prien
Emmaliegh Pulido
Xavier Pulido
Andres Punzo
Jordi Quintana
Mireya Quintero
Juliet Ramirez
Leiyah Ramirez
Melanie Ramirez
Sonia Ramirez
Fatima Ramirez Cervantes
Jonathan Ramirez-Arevalo
Roberto Ramos
Kemberly Ramos-Ayala
Mallarie Rasmussen
Brittney Reeves
Julian Regalado
Leonardo Renteria-Herrera
Rogelio Reyes
Viany Reyes
Erin Riedeman

Angel Rios-Laureano
Mayra Rios-Rios
Ariyanna Rivera
Jonathan Robles-Zaragoza
Emily Robsion
Andrew Rodriguez
Angee Rodriguez
Angelina Rodriguez
Axel Rodriguez
Emilio Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez
Fabian Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez
Gabee Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez
Leslie Rodriguez
Perla Rodriguez
Valentine Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez-Perez
Julian Rodriquez
Johnny Rogel-Gonzalez
Melissa Rogel-Gonzalez
Michael Roman
Idael Rosas
Davis Rowan
Emily Rowan
Kevin Eduardo Rubio-Bustos
Jade Ruiz
Kalise Sabato
Josiah Saechao
Kate Saechao
Kyle Saechao
Evan Saelee
Belia Saenz
Chan Wern Saetern
Naomi Saetern
Josefina Salamanca Rivera
Maria Salazar
Jocelyn Salcedo
Abraham Saldana
Ezmee Saldana
Nancy Salgado
Gabriel Samaniego-Morales
Maribel Sanchez Flores
Cristian Sanchez Uribieta
Litzy Sanchez-Sandoval
Samantha Sandoval
Taylor Sawyer
Jaden Sebastian
Valeria Sedona
Ivan Segura-Andrade
Tyler Silva
Elijah Sims
Jaskaran Singh
Alexander Skinner
Dante Skinner
Jahkylle Smith
Nadia Smith
Mia Soehnen
Elijah Solis
Montserrat Soto-Hernandez
Joshua Spielman
Mackenzie Spielman
Evan Stewart
Jacqueleen Tapetillo
Valerie Taylor
Juan Pablo Tellez-Pena
Klarisza Tellez-Sanchez
Oscar Teran
Shipheng Thao
Ian Thor
Marjorie Tinoco-Tornero
Dayan Topete
Damian Torres
Jolette Torres-Alvarez
Michelle Torres-Serna
Christina Trevino
Tearria Turner
Kaedence Vaj
Andrew Valdez
Anthony Valdez
Kimberly Valdovino-Ceja
Alejandro Valencia-Mojica
Izayah Valentin
Annie Vang
Ethain Vang
Matthew Vang
Tyler Vang
Lynnia Vapnar
Anastasia Vasquez
Matthew Vasquez
Richard Vasquez
Dulce Vazquez
Nadia Vazquez-Gutierrez
Erika Vazquez-Martin
Marijo Vega-Vazquez
Kai Verge
Natalie Vidauri
Edgar Villa-Perez
Cristian Virgen Prado
Azumi Vue
Angela Wagner
Hailey Waller
Ca’laya Ward
Dylan Williams
Alyssa Xiong
Amy Xiong
Emily Xiong
Haylee Xiong
Miranda Xiong
Nicholas Xiong
Stephen Xiong
Jasmine-Marie Yanez
Jely Yang
Caleb Zamora
Lexi Zamora
Dahlia Zamora-Santoyo
Jonathan Zaragoza-Gutier

Atwater High School Class of 2023

Luis Mario Abundiz
Christian Alexis Acosta Ramirez
Analise Nevaeh Aguero
Adam Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar Garibay
Brenda Alcocer-Mercado
Nayeli Nadine Alejandre
David Oslander Alfaro
Annalise Marie Altamirano
Angelo Alvarado
Brandon Nicklas Alvarado
Jarel Alvarado
Jonathan Alexander Alvarado
Karina Alvarado
Rosario Alvarado Sanchez
Joey Angel Alvarez
Marco Alvarez
Melissa Michelle Alvarez-Vargas
Gildardo Ambriz Mendoza
Katrina Victoria Andujar
Jayro Arellano
Melanie Arias
Lanee Abigail Armas
Madison Rylee Armas
Teela Armenta
Miriam Karely Arredulfo-Espinoza
Elizabeth Guadalupe Arroyo
Christopher Javier Arteaga
Jose Angel Avendano
Carlos Leonardo Avila
Guillermo Ivan Avila
Javier Isreal Avila
Santiago Avila- Gomez
Narely Ayala
Palwasha Azami
Melyssa G Baltezore
Jose Alejandro Paredes Barreto
Ricky Adam Barrios
Diego Bautista-Veloz
Abraham Becerra
Samanta Becerra
Noemi Morelia Benitez-Ferreira
Ian Jacob Bennison
Rani Kaur Bhogel
Hunter Nathaniel Birmingham
Litzy Y Bojorje
Kendall Madison Borba
Bryce Ryan Bratcher
Raymond Anthony Brown II
Zoey Analei Brown
Nevaeh Nichole Burton
Anadalay Cabrera Urzua
Alis Calderon
Emma Elizabeth Camacho
Jose Juan Campos
Dulce Natalie Campos-Rodriguez
Brooklyn Canela
Marcus Patrick Cardenas
Violeta Asuncion Cardenas-Suarez
Kaylin Rose Cardoso
Elizabeth Grace Cardoza
Laysha Rejina Carreras-Mendoza
Cassidy Grace Carrillo
Cesar Carrillo
Mayden Castellanos Udave
Brandon Castillo
Danyelle Leilani Castillo
Marleen Belen Castillo
Dylan Matthew Bigan Castro
Manuel Valentin Castro
Jatziry Castro Delgado
Dulce Jasmine Ceballos-Perez
Leonardo Cebrero
Ariana Giselle Ceja
Gabriela Ceja
Jocelyn Ceja Sanchez
Jonathan Celis Martinez
Miranda Cervantes
Adrian Alfonso Chaidez
Jose Andres Chavez Jr
Josue Eduardo Chavez
Nolan Ryne Chavez
Roxanna Jarely Chavez
Angel Armani Chavez-Barco
Genesis Manuela Chavez-Cervantes
Bryan Cisneros
Hugo Enrique Cisneros Jr
Jesus Alejandro Cisneros Gomez
Devin Hunter Clay
Mackenzie Nicole Convers
Teaghan Deryn Conway
Gabriel Coria Cisneros
Ashly Corona
Sonja Sandra Correa
Mayra Cortes Arroyo
Lesly Karina Cortes Pina
Jose Raul Cortez
Kaitlynn Cortez
Fabian Davalos- Maldonado
Joseph Wayne Davis
Liam A Davis
Icessys G Delacruz
Sonia Mikaela Delarosa
Ricardo DeLaTorre
Osmar Alexander Delgado
A’Marie Diaz
Kassandra Guadalupe Diaz
Patrick Diaz Sheehan
David Alexander Dodson
Nyla Dorado
Colton Donald William Dukes
DeJanae Chere Dunlap-Hyde
Javier Duran JR
Mateo Ayden Duran
Xavier Alexis Duran

Jonathan Edward Duran-Lopez
Mariana Nathalie Esau
Oswaldo Escobedo Arroyo
Fernando Angel Esparza
Dalilah Espinoza
Fernando Flores
Sophia Juliette Flores Campanario
Ashley Flores Zaragoza
Victoria Marie Foster
Omar Servando Franco-Hernandez
Mariah Frias
Phillip Andrew Frias JR
Ashley Gallardo
Isaiah-James Kekoa Gallegos
Brian Galvan-Moreno
Litzy Yadira Gandara
Andres Garcia
Destiny Nadine Garcia
Gabriel Eleazar Paez Garcia
Leonardo Garcia
Liliana Jasmin Garcia
Alessandra Garcia Flores
Angel Gabriel Garcia Garibay
Mayerlee Evelyn Garcia Sanchez
Adrian Garcia Villanueva
Josue Isaiah Garcia-Chavez
Marina E Garibay
Allison Susan Garner
Ivan Gaytan
Alexander Michael Geier
Chloe Michelle Gentry
Diego George-Elizondo
Nathaniel Gibson
Alfonso Gomez
Juan Angel Gomez
Ernesto Gonzalez
Isaac Alexander Gonzalez
Jaime Alberto Gonzalez
Yoan Gonzalez
Abigail Gonzalez Arce
Isaac Gonzalez Arce
Antonio Gonzalez Guzman
Jessica Anahi Govea
Michelle Alana Gregory
Grace Alice Grissom
Eduardo Alejandro Gudino
Denia Faviola Guerrero
David Julian Guevara
Belen Guillen
Tyce Otterson Gunnin
Alyssa Isabel Gutierrez
Mason Andrew Hall
Trenton John Hall
Corey Brian Hardin
Zachery Jonathan Hardin
Nathan Travis Harding
Tobias Jo Harman
Christian Haro
Tristan Anthony Harris
Andrew Lee Haynes
Nayeli Heredia-Gutierrez
Ana Luz Hernandez
Jeraldi Hernandez
Joe Fabian Hernandez
Alexis Hernandez Hernandez
Omar Daniel Hernandez Herrera
Janentsa Hernandez-Avalos
Daniel Hernandez-Garcia
Natalie Guadalupe Hernandez-Ramirez
Jayden Hillyer
Julian Huitron
Javier Hurtado JR
Kevin Hurtado Isguerra
Humberto Iniguez
Tyler Jacob Ivie
Keiunandra Eugena Jackson
German Jaimes
Cristofer Jarquin-Venegas
Xavier Satonik Jarrell
Estrella Javalera Valencia
Pedro Jimenez JR
Jessica (Isaiah) Ann Juarez
Mathew James Kamykowski
Kirandeep Kaur Kandola
Zachary Austin Karastathas
Patrycja Delfina Kusnierz
Makiva Akoni Labuguen-Nai
Maximus LaJeunesse
Nisee Victoria Lara
Braden Lee Lawrence
Fernando Gabriel Ledezma
Jin Lee
Ashley Vera Leon
Asiana Lee Lewis
Lisette Linares
Roger Darren Lobato
Butch Tyler Lomeli
Andrea Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Nataly Lopez
Yessica Lopez
Salvador Lopez-Loaiza
Angeles Guadalupe Lua
Jacqueline Klarizza Lua
Maria Luisa Lua
David Yassir Luna
Juan Luna
Princessa Melanie Luna
Alexis Lupian-Villagomez
Emmanuel Macias
Juan K Macias
Lizbeth Madrigal
Anthony Madrigal-Murillo
Pablo Andres Magallanes
Jasmine Magana
Juan Carlos Magana
Michael Joseph Maki III

Emanuel Maldonado
Vanessa Maldonado
Daniela Mancio-Hernandez
Kaylie Skye Mann
Nayeli Manzo
Jacob James Marlatt
Joseph Dean Martens
Alex Martinez
Bryan Martinez
Daisy Martinez
Marissa Annamarie Martinez
Saul Martinez
Jacqueline Martinez Avina
Juliana Martinez Avina
Daniela Martinez Garcia
Riley Kane Mason
Giselle Mauleon-Delgado
Caden Ray Lewis McDaniel
Caleb M.L. McHaley
Keshann Andries McItyre
Joshaua Anthony Medeiros
Lucas Junior Medina Lozano
Nayeli Medrano
Lesly Dioneht Melgarejo-Barajas
Erik Melgoza
Armando Javier Mendoza Jr.
Beyonce L Mendoza
Deanna Jaqueline Mendoza
Jackeline Isela Mendoza
Nicholas Mendoza
Rosendo Mendoza JR
Yadira Gisell Mendoza
Nathan Howard Metz
Erik Meza-Garcia
Eraclio Mijares Garcia
Guadalupe Millan Solorio
Shayleigh Ann Miller
Diego Miranda
Belqes Adel Mohsin
Fidel Molina
Ruth Molina Berber
Christian Molina Castro
Judith Molinero-Castaneda
Angel Morales
Irving Morelos
Joseph Morelos Barbosa
Aliezah Cabrera Moreno
Iran Mota
Yahir De Jesus Mota
Cody Thang Moua
Azim Aulikolomanu Kekahuna Muldrow
Genesis Muniz
Leandro Muniz-Gomez
Diana Munoz
Jatzihri Giselle Munoz-Ramirez
Gisselle Murillo
Angel De Jessus Naranjo Pena
Alana Brynn Navarrete
Neicea Alize Navarro
Omar Fabian Navarro
Sydney Nancy Nickelson
Adilene Yaretzi Nieto
Darrien Jose Guadalupe Nieto
Fidel Nieto
Azyria Linda Ochoa
Adan Ochoa Aguilar
Roman Anthony Ornelas
Leonardo Ornelas-Avelar
Francisco Ronaldo Orozco
Pedro Orozco
Ianna Mariah Ortega
Sebastian Rafael Ortega
Mariah Reane Ortiz
Blanca Estrella Padilla
Kendra Janelle Rayann Page
Salvador Pantoja
Tyler James Anderson Parr
Fatima Marytza Peralta-Aguilar
Eddie Perez
Julio Antonio Perez
Samuel Perez
Yvette Moncerrat Perez Mendoza
Jose Guadalupe Perez Salido
Elias Perez-Gutierrez
Priscilla Perez-Lepiz
Fernando Perez-Sanchez
Cindia Lizbeth Perez-Udave
Yairen Pineda-Rodriguez
Gabriella Charlotte Pisacco
Natalee Rose Pizarro
Yesenia Ponce
Hannah Christine Pope
Fernando Prado-Perez
Sandra Amanda-Grace Prothro
Kevin Anthony Pulido
Cristhoper Quevedo
Jesus Quezada Loya
Itzel Yavel Quezada-Martinez
Christopher Alexis Quirarte
Jessica Quirarte
Romelia Quirarte
Adrian Andres Ramirez
Araceli Ramirez
Cristo J Ramirez
Hector Ramirez
Karla Victoria Ramirez
Omar Alec Ramirez
Juan Carlos Ramirez Medina
Evelyn Ramirez-Juarez
Zoe Ramos
Charlotte Leigh Rawlings
Rachel Maureen Rawlings
Victor Rafael Razo
Victor Gabriel Rea Chavez

Valeria Recinos
Tanna Claire Reed
Christian Elijah Renison
Emanuel Reyes
Natalia Jocelyn Reyes
Rafael Omar Reyes Arroyo
Jesus Leon Reyes Ramirez JR
Jorge Reyes-Campos
Jose Manuel Reyes-Cruz
Reyli Reynaga Banuelos
Esmeralda Rios
Raymond Rios
Luis Rios Garcia
Zaira Lucero Rios Garcia
Janet Rios-Melchor
Zuriel Rios-Ruiz
Edgar Patricio Rivera Rivas
Victoriano Rivera Valencia
Ricardo Robledo Jr
Xitlalli Robles
Kevyn Enrique Robles-Quezada
Angelina Rochin
Brandon Rodriguez
Daniel Anthony Rodriguez
Cesar Rodriguez Calderon
Samantha Elena Rodriguez-Tafolla
Kaleb David Rogers
Christopher C Rojas
Trinidad Rosa Rojas
Marlyni Rojas Barriga
Jozella Maricruz Rosas
Kevin Jordan Ross
Nathan Salas
Deisi Salazar
Ivan Salcedo-Ceja
Jovanni Salcedo-Ceja
Manuel Alejandro Salmeron-Catalan
Adan Sanchez
Cain Alejandro Sanchez
Elias Armando Sanchez
Maria Del Carmen Sanchez Arellano
Jose Luis Sanchez Madriz
Jennifer Sanchez-Zapien
Angelica Candelaria Sandez
Jesus Alejandro Santana
Maria De Jesus Serrano-Gomez
Kyleigh Nicole Sheldahl
Caden Michael Siegel
Magali De Jesus Sierra
Adrian Silva
Jose Silva
Christine Nevaeh Smith
David Solorio
Diego Solorio
ShiLong Michael Song
Daniel Giovanni Juarez Sorci
Angelic Gabriella Sotelo
Adrian Angel Soto
Kimberly Itzel Soto
Valerie Soto
Natalie Jolene Stephenson
Steven Howard Stone III
Xithlali Suarez Ceballos
Noorulheda Sultani
Francisco Talavera-Gonzalez
Maile Dionna Taylor
Rodrigo Angel Tellez Ramirez
Pierre M Thao
Jordan Jason Thomas
Lucas Ian Tillery
Dakotah Susanne Timpson
Hailey Arleth Torres
Luis Torres
Estefan Ulises Torres-Briones
Ivet Torres-Castro
Bryan Ramon Trillo
Matthew Udabe
Marc Anthony Udave Ornelas
Emma Marie Uribe
Sonia Valdez-Guzman
Jasmine Allizza Valdivia
Angel Valencia
Arianna Valencia
Ernestina Valencia Zamora
Nathan Isaac Valenzuela
Paris Monet Valenzuela
Angel De Jesus Valera
Donovan Dante Valerio
Faith Nkauj Nag Vang
Nachia Ellie Vang
Adam Ty Vargas
Yailinn Vargas-Lopez
Camerine Vasquez
Salvador Bernardo Vasquez-Morales
David Vega
Jose Felix Velasco
Arianna Isabel Velazquez
Stephanie Venegas Solorio
Ramon Jr Vicente
Giselle Villa
Celine Starlet Villafan
Christian Villalobos
Marissa Villanueva
Venus Viviana Villarreal
Cyrille Neo Galang Villegas
Hannah Emilee Rose Wagner
Kaden James Michael Wagner
Henry Lee Warden III
Zachary Gage Watts
Kayce Marie Beth Weathers
Ethan Andrew Wey
Colin James Williams
Houacua Xiong
Sakura Faith Yang
Daisy Fabiola Zacarias
Isaias Zamora
Esmeralda Anaya Zapien
Montserrat Zapien-Ruiz

Buhach Colony High School Class of 2023

Luis R Aguayo
Kevin Aguilar
Bryan Aguilar-Herrera
Aliza Elizabeth Aguirre
Ariana Aguirre
Stefany Moreno Aguirre
Saad Muadh Akil
Ronaldo Efren Alcala
Maxwell Nguyen Alferes
Jennifer Almanzan
Kimberly Alonso Alvarez
Richie I. Hans Alston
Lupita Amezcua
Alexis Anaya
Martha Jamilette Andrade
Antonio Aquino-Hernandez
Breena Marie Araujo
Graciela Araujo
David Arreola Mendoza
Alesia Lexus Avalos
Diego Luis Avalos
Eligh Mykol Avalos
Lesslie Avalos Rangel
Isabel Avila
Lucas Colby Avila
Stefannie Avila
Emma Dahlia Ayala
Gwynette Leigh Boleche Ballesil
Natalee Antonette Ban
Michael Nicholas Barcelo
Lily Isabella Bargas
Adan Felipe Barocio
Joaquin Daniel Barragan Jr
Raymond Otoniel Barragan
Luis Ernesto Barraza-Tirado
Kaitlyn Marie Barron
Caitlyn Gaile Bathurst
Dylene Becerra
Paola Leticia Benitez Albarran
Tanner James Benz
Marialy Berber-Garibay
Jesse Adrian Bernal
Jorge Alejandro Betancourt Reyes
Paola Betancourt-Rubio
Luke Thomas Black
Trent Michael Borba
Carson Jacoby Bos
Emma Leigh Botill
Gabriel Alejandro Bovadilla
Xavier Favin Bowman
Ethan Alexander Branco
Davaney Aiyana Brooks
Jacob Joshua Brum
Skyla Daw-Nin Bun
Jordan Eliel Buron-Navarro
Gabriella Grace Caballero
Micah Anthony Caballero
Gerbin Caballero-Bello
Tiago Agueda Cabral
Benjamin Cabrales-Moreno
Adcciri Cabrera
Caprice Lamonte Calhoun Jr.
Victor Roen Goodson Calip
Yahir Josbeth Camarillo
Zakery Kenneth Campodonica
Esbeidy Campos Correa
Zarely Cardenas
Juan Manuel Carmona Jr.
Logan Archer Carpenter
Dante Carranza
Eleida Carrillo Torres
Alexis Louise Carter
Trevor David Carter
Juan Jose Casas
Anhuar Castillo
Jonny Cha
Destiny Nichole Chamberlain
Janyce Nkau Zong Chang
Kao Chang
Leah Katherine Chapman
Quandre Charles III
Angelina G Chavez
Dayanara Jasmin Chavez
Natali Leticia Chavez-Segura
Benito Angel Chavez-Torres
Brylon Kenneth Chung
Jonathan Scott Coburn
Damien Matthew Contreras
Mariela Contreras Torres
Curlaila Marcia Cornelious
Luis Antonio Corona Jr
Ernesto Salvador Cortez
Dustin Wayne Cox
Haylie Ann Crites
Naomi Mikal Daly-Lamberson
Fabian Miguel De Loa
Dominic Robert De Los Reyes
Ethan Mathew Dehart
Arelyne Francine Delgado
Harneet Singh Dhesi
Robert Wayne Diaz
Alexandra Rae Dickey
Cristina Ellen Dillsaver
Natalia Dominguez
Adrian-Xavier Labrador Downey
Carson Phillip Downs
Uriel Duran
Yasmin Duran

Ulises Duran Martinez
Riley Sierra Edrington
Thoria Ali Mohsen Eltareb
Ethan Patrick Emery
Juliette Guadalupe Escareno
Ciara Esparza
Joshua Daniel Esparza Flores
Joanna Estefania Espinoza-Sandoval
Martha Estrada-Villafan
Gilberto Farias-Chavez
Esai Felix
Brittany Lidia Fernandez-Flores
Ayva Lilly Fields
Andre Nimrod Fierro
Natasha Sirena Figueroa Licea
Sarina Sky Filipinas
Joshua Tyler Flores
Juan Jose Flores Jr
Williams Uriel Flores Gomez
Yael Elihu Flores-Alor
Taylor Morgan Foran
Briar Mae Foster
Kailin Dahlia Frade
Collin Vicente Franco
Leonardo Daniel Galaviz
Chad Michael Gamboni
Xitlaly Gaona-Rangel
Adrian Garcia
Anthony Stephen Garcia
Marco Josue Garcia Rodas
Andrea Garcia-Calderon
Alexis Garcia-Hurtado
Diana Jasmine Garcia-Pimentel
Kemberly Sharay Garcia-Valdez
Brandon James Garzon
Jaqueline Gaytan
Emma Genoveva Gibbs
Cornell Gilkey III
Olivia Victoria Gois
Mark Antony Gomes III
Adiel Gonzalez
Juviel Gonzalez
Ahtziri Samaria Gonzalez-Gutierrez
Monserat Gonzalez-Rizo
Cristina Granados
Juliana Granados
Christopher Granados Moreno
Abigail Frances Grattan
Jacare Spencer Gray Jr
Eric Matthew Green Jr
Tess Riley Grissom
Angel Gutierrez
Gabriel Abraham Hugo Gutierrez
Miguel Angel Gutierrez Chavez
Annie Hang
Angel Gabriel Haro
Jesus Haro
Kevin Daniel Haro-Pastrana
Sean Walker Harralson
Cielo Christopher Henderson
Joshua Walker Hendrickson
Kou Her
Marissa Ilene Hernandez
Armando Hernandez-Valencia
Carissa Michelle Herrera
Brady Gunn Hill
Alexia Mary Hodges
Kayleigh Anne Howard
Nevaeh Lorraine Howe
William Roswell Hughes
Rafael Huirache Caballero
Kayleen Elizabeth Hukill
Remus Ray Hunwardsen JR
Alondra Hurtado
Erika Jazmin Iniguez Perez
Ethan Troy Niklas Irish
Bryan Jaimes-Barrera
Jasmin Marie Jimenez
Jorge Jimenez JR
Ramiro Jimenez Jr
Madison Elyse Jones
Francisco Angel Jurado
Kiranjot Kaur
Janeen Guadalupe King
King Klair
Jediah Koshiba Koshiba
Jayda Pajzaub Chanhaum Kounlabout
Christian George Kreuscher
Spencer Cale Lanz
Landon Joseph Laplante
Fernando Larios
Marcos Larios-Ovatt
Cristhoper Leal Arellano
Caiyu Ken Lee
Elijah Keng Lee
Nuetxeng Jacob Lee
Jayden Michelle Leeper
Kyleigh Marie Lima
Emily Christine Lopez
Max Matthew Lopez
Selena Andrea Lopez
Jasmine Angelina Lopez-Herrera
Brenda Eleyde Lopez-Rueda
Melissa Domenique Loya
Quincy Jamar Anacleto Lucas

Sergio Luna Ramirez
Tatyana Renae Machado
Leobardo Macias
Simeon Joseph Macias
Jesus Alexis Maciel Lucatero
Kaleb Michael Madayag
Seth Quentin Madrid
Marchella Girang Malvar
Marquise Leon Manuel
Yanara Annaliese Mariscal
Isaiah Martinez
Jacob Luis Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
Yaden Yulian Martinez Mondragon
Semiramys Martinez-Dominguez
Raul Martinez-Montes
Matthew Glen Mauzy
Rayce Harley May
Alyah Jiselle McFadden
Alyza Jade McFadden
Mia Ikuko McMullen
Efren Medrano
Kailyn Melendez
Victor Manuel Mendivil
Thomas Joseph Mendoza Jr
Jace Watson Menezes
Ivan Meraz JR
Daniel Ray Mercado
Ruben Mercado
Emily Alexia Millan
Ruben Armani Montano
Lyra Bela Hofmann Mook
Jayceon Tramain Moore
Emilio Mora
Juan Antonio Mora Jr
Luis Angel Mora
Reyna Victoria Morales
Isaac Richard Moralez
Ferdy Ronaldo Morataya Barrientos
Michael Ryan Morgan
Andrew Chenxen Moua
Melinda Pajtshua Moua
Pazao Moua
Anthony Munoz
Jose Daniel Muratalla-Rivera
Jasmin America Murillo
Nowal Aref Musleh
Matthew Ethan Najar-Rios
Perla Guadalupe Nava Cuarenta
Aries Guadalupe Navarrete
Jasmine Navarro-Torres
James Roy Neely
Mia-Joy Nicole Neumeyer
Emiliana Dolores Nevarez
Liam Carrig Newsam
Taylor Isabel Nunes
Grace Marie Nunez
Jesus Nunez-Solorio
Miranda Sofia Nuno
Evan Miguel Ochoa
Isaias Ornelas-Meza
Adilene Orozco
Alexis Orozco Madrigal
Enrique Orozco Medina
Esmeralda Leticia Ortega
Karla Paola Ortiz
Khyri Elisabeth Ortiz
Rosa Angelica Ortiz-Ortiz
Jessie Padilla
Luis Padilla
Chelsea Padilla-Ho
Keyla Eunice Panameno
Xzaiphyr Quincaee Parga
Xzaivyn Duraee Parga
Allison Parker
Darlene Peralta
Jaxson Raleigh Percoats
Alexis Jonn Perez
Jocelyn Perez
Joseph Robert Perez
Martin Antonio Perez
Johnathan Pricha Petanan
Wyatt Blake Peterson
Stephanie Piceno
Mark Anthony Pimentel
Jesus Pio
Ainet Davina Plantillas
Israel Ponce
Diana Laura Ponce-Avila
Alyssia Mireya Posadas
Alysa Amelia Preciado
Jocelyn Prieto
Jonathan Pulido Alvarado
Valerie Nazaret Pulido-Castro
Gema Pulido-Padilla
Andrenan Ruby Ramirez
Christian Anthony Ramirez
Darlene Ramirez
Emily Ramirez
Emily Karla Ramirez
Ishmael Ramirez
Sureya Isabel Ramirez
Jazmin Alyssa Ramirez Hernandez
Jazmin Elisa Ramirez-Flores
Isai Jesse Ramos Donoso
Brenda Yasmine Ramos-Martinez
Pedro Rangel
Juan Rangel-Ambriz
Shands Nathan Readd
Zada Delana Reed
Matthew Perez Reyes
Ayleen Reyna Vaca
Isela Janeth Rico-Diaz
Gabriel Alejandro Rivera
Erik Rivera-Hernandez

Bryan Rivera-Suarez
Caleb Rodriguez
Elias Rodriguez
Julissa Christina Rodriguez
Marcos Alfonso Rodriguez
Maria M Rodriguez
Uriel Rodriguez Villalobos
Manuel Alberto Romero Figueroa
Celeste Giselle Rosales
Edison Heber Rosas
Miriam Rosas
Naomi Lorraine Ross
Tech Miller Ross
Haylee Danell Routh
Zaceriah Raul Ruano
Ganeza Ruiz
Jonas Antonio Ruiz
Taylor Mia Ruiz
Najeh Nicole Russo
Amir Salam
Anthony Jeronimo Salcedo
Sophia Alessandra Saldana
Sebastian Sou Sanchez
Eric Sanchez-Chavez
Areli Gisselle Sanchez-Guizar
Jacqueline Sanchez-Silva
Bryan Sandoval Sanchez
Landon Matthew Sansoni
Angel Rene Santana
Ava Lene Hokulani Santos
Miriam Palomarez Santoyo
Anthony David Sarabia
Andrew Sequeira
Alex Angel Sevilla-Rodriguez
Ian Michael-Ray Shearer
Tyona Shelton
Sohail Saleem Sherzad
Ashley Marie Silva
Claudia Jacqueline Silva
Jacob Dylan Silva
Jonathan Blake Silva
Liliana Anyssa Silva
Colin Ross Silveira
Sukhraj Singh
Rajjan Achilles Troy Singh Kang
Gabriel Maximilian Smith
Madyson Crystyne Soria
Jacob Alan Sotelo
Genesis Aurora Soto
Nylah Jade Soza
Jordyn Ranaye Sprague
Audrie Sterling
Ke’asia Darlene Stevenson
Ke’von Amari Jay Stevenson
Taylor Ann Stewart
Cody Parks Taylor
David Alexander Tejeda
Jazmyne Lynette Tejeda
Natalie Tejeda
Valerie Tejeda
Sarai Nouchi Thao
Jenard Joel Thomas Jr
Logan James Tillett
Narali Tinoco
Chyanne Faith Torres
Emily Torres
Michael Trevino
Isaac Thomas Trosen
Isabel Rose Trujillo
Nataley Lexis Tucker
Jorge Manuel Tun-Rocha
Adrian Xavier Urvina
Wyatt Wade Mathieson Usry
Kaestin Valdez
Mia Valenzuela-Castillo
Adrian Valerio Tapia
Kevin Steven Valladares Cordova
Alison Mayna Vang
Chasity Kashia Vang
Diaries Pachia Vang
Gloria Nkaujntshiab Vang
Lovly Vang
Michelle Mai Cua Vang
Izabelle Vann
Azalea Marie Vargas
Tania Vega-Avina
Angel Velarde Valdez
Rose Julia Velasquez
Santiago Veloz
Ivan Vian
Alejandra Vidauri-Gomez
Xavier Vidauri-Punches
Lucero Vieyra
Clairess Doua Chee Vue
Shawn X Vue
Marissa Kaylen Webb
Tristan Hunter Welch
McKenzie Leigh Williams
Sara Elizabeth Wood-Nocks
Race Justice Woodruff
Hannah Margaret Wright
Avalinas Xiong
Kara Lee Xiong
Brian Tswv Yeej Yang
Chaelkee Yang
Christopher Peev Swm Yang
Daren Fwm Yang
Gona Yang
Henri Khwb Yang
Anthony Christopher Ybarra
Christian Zamudio-Melgarejo
Gustavo Angel Zaragoza
Arely Yamilet Zepeda-Carballido

Hilmar High School Class of 2023

Madeline Rene Ackerman
Eric Heredia Aguilera
McKayla Ruth Aiken
Logan Connor Alexander
Julian Richard Almeida
Marissa Arraial Alves
Erika Marie Alvizo
Makayla Elizabeth Amaral
Milo Bettencourt Amarante
Arely Andrade
Anthony Arenas
Gael Arroyo
Edgar Arroyo Garibay
Eric Octavio Avila
Joshua Lynne Avila
Lucy Marie Ruth Avila
Hudson Henry Azevedo
Dylan Allen Baballe
Elias Antonio Baldovino Agueda
Isaac Eduardo Baldovino Agueda
Francisco Benitez
Nicholas Hiram Borba
Jax Louis Branco
Victoria Alexandria Brasil
Jose Leonel Dos Santos Brasil Bernardo
Jason Leigh Cabacungan
Jasmine Shantel Cardenas
Jesus Cervantes
Michael Roam Chambers
Saul Chavez Sotelo
Emma Catherine Chipponeri
Leonor Tristao Coelho
Emily Ann Cogswell
Rigoberto Contreras
Diana Corrales–Morera
Dylan Joseph Couto
Luke Quinton Cox
Jasmin Bijou Davalos
Leonel Deluna
Nathen Anthony Deus
Brianna Rose Dias
Jaanik Jagdip Singh Dosanjh

Ronik Dharam Singh Dosanjh
Ezra Albert Duenas
Isabella Granados Duenas
Hunter Keaton Lawrence Dutra
Andie Jean Encalade
Dayana Aricel Enriquez
Adriana Soledad Escobar Mendiolaza
Julia Clara Fillebrown
Aidyn Michael Fink
Jacob Elias Flanery
Paulina Flores
Vitoria Marie Fontes Pinheiro
Brandon Timothy Freitas
Martin Velazquez Garcia
Cheyenne Michelle Geisenheimer
Jason Wayne Gilley
Brisa Dayana Godinez
Colby David Gomes
Landon Dustin Gomes
Noah Rafael Gonzales
Johnathan Alejandro Gonzalez Mejia
Paulina Yolin Granados
Luisafernanda Gutierrez
Melina Del Carmen Gutierrez Moreno
Jose Manuel Gutierrez-Gallo
Alejandro Hernandez
Saul Jesus Hernandez
Kimberly Anay Hernandez Moreno
Fabiola Hernandez Tapia
Ulises Herrera
Max Joseph-Paul Hittesdorf
Briley Kathleen Horstmeier
Hayden Finley Huff
Jax William Jarvis
Cesar Jasso
Mckade Alan Jensen
McKenzie Marie Johann

Kyndell Ann Johnston
Ileana Elsa Juarez
Reagan Grace Kelly
Owen Ashtin Lane
Rebeka Esther Leon
Sidney Ann Lima
Alberto Lopez
Noel Lopez Jr.
Armando Lozano
Angelina Jada Lucca
Christopher Xaiver Luis
Josue Isai Marin
Hailey Mae Martinez
Belina Clara Matos
Falynn Rene Mattos
Teneal Evelyn Medeiros
MacKenzie Kay Mendes
Jason Silveira Miguel
Mackenzie May Millsap
Alma Xitlali Moran Gutierrez
Bradley Irvin Morris
Kollin Kameron Olds
Pablo Ortega Gutierrez
Nikalye Ruben Otero
Rodrigo Padilla
Brayan De Jesus Padilla Hernandez
Elena Romane Palafox
Emanuel Roberto Palafox
Julissa Michelle Parra
Logan Anthony Parreira
Elery McQueen Parsons
Marcos Jesus Partida
Caden Daniel Peterson
Jerardo Julian Ponce
Chloe Briann Purganan
Michael Bruce Quaid
Joseph Thomas Ramer
Yadhira Ramirez
Dominic Damian Ramos
Ivy Marie Ramos
Mandy Marie Ramos
Miranda Ramos
Santiago Rangel-Hernandez
Vianey Reynoso
Ethan Adam Rivera

Brayden Andrew Robinson
Michelle Ashley Rodriguez
Naydelin Rodriguez-Mendoza
Isidro Romo
Oralia Avelina Rosas Aguila
Roselyn Salas Torres
Joshua Daniel Sanders
Anastazia Mae Santos
Briana Marie Sequeira
Caitlin Cecelia Sequeira
Chanel Shamoon
Alyssa Margaret Avila Siebler
David Bento Silva
Lilly Christine Silveira
Brandon Michael DaSean Singleton
Ethan Joseph Smith
Jayden Chase Smith
Arath Solorio
Jadyn Lee Sousa
Addison Avry Souto
Sage Leann Stadtler
Rylee Lynne Steelman
Donald Evan Stepro
Carter James Stubblefield
Claudia Laurencia Taylor
Derek Mathew Taylor
Payten Jaye Tosta
Carlos Adrian Udave
Marisol Valadez
Selina Cristina Valdez
Mateo Manuel Valencia
Jaylin Jean Van Guilder
Luis Lawrence Vargas
Kristin Adilene Vargas Soto
Bruce Anthony Vazquez
Selena Dolores Vera
Mataeya Paulette Vieira-Stonehocker
Lexi Lee Vierra
Cassandra Vivanco Mendoza
Jared Scot Kern Walkden
Parker Jean Faith Wilson

Le Grand High School Class of 2023

Luis Isidro Aguallo Jr.
Adrian Aguilar
Angel Aguilar-Oseguera
Cecilia Aguilar-Oseguera
Socorro Almanza-Rosas
Adriana Alvarez-Garcia
Dian Alvarez-Garcia
Ramon Eduardo Amezcua
Jasiah Ramience Ashari Anderson
Esteban Rey Andrade
Ruben Jesus Andrade
Brandy Ayala Romero
Briana Ayala Romero
Alejandro Ayala-Cruz
Jaquelin Nayeli Bedolla
John-Paul Jeffrey Patrick Bellemare
Maria Elena Betancourt Oseguera
Andrew Joseph Biagi
Jeremy Joseph-Wayne Bond Jr.
Nicholas Hugo Bucio
Julian Ramon Bucio-Zaragoza
Carlos Daniel Castaneda-Gomez
Maria Soledad Castellanos
Lia Renee Castillo
Tania Lissette Catalan
Crystal Ceja-Perez
Anthony Cerna-Barragan
Salvador Cisneros-Almanza
Alexis Alejandra Coria

Mateo Nicolas Coronado
Hernan Cortez Gaona
Leslie Crystal De Leon
Sandy Diaz
Cadence Duclo
Mariana Duran
Elisa Duran-Medina
Carlos Escobar-Vargas
Lizbeth Esquivel-Medina
Juan Alberto Farias Ramirez
Aidan Joseph Flores
Amaya Tatyana Fuentes
Israel Gama-Gonzalez
Elijah Michael Garcia
Francisco Garcia Jr.
Jesse James Garcia
Anabel Garcia Quezada
Anthony Joshua Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Evelyn Gonzalez
Alfredo Granados
Miguel Angel Granados Jr.
Ayonna Samaria Guerrero
Jomaar Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez
Eduardo Fidel H-Callejas
Manuel Alexander Herrera Dominguez
Roel Hernandez
Matthew Damian Higareda
Bryan Hurtado-Gonzalez
Jonathan Ibarra-Gutierrez
Maribel Labra-Garcia
Milan Inderjit Singh Dosanjh

Alejandro Lopez-Garcia
Alexsa Martinez
Lilieanna Martinez
Kevin Martinez-Espinoza
Nathalie Adrianna Medina Ceja
Brenda Mercado-Sandoval
Juan Julian Morelos
Adrian Meliton Moreno
Bryan Moreno
Cassandra Anne Moreno
Miguel Angel Moreno
Elias Moreno-Leon
Desiree Angelina Murillo
Julian Eduardo Murillo
Isaiah Andrew Nava
Luz Marie Ojeda
Brianna Elaine Orozco-Gonzalez
Augustus Nicholas Ortegon
Nicole Oseguera-Nava
Vanessa Oseguera-Zaragoza
Alexia Destiny Pacheco
Juan Jesus Perez-Sandoval
Oscar Quezada Quezada
Sophia Savannah Rabena
Ronaldo Ramirez-Gonzalez
Diana Reyes
Ethan Adrian Rico
Justin Rojas
Melisa Rojas-Aparicio
Jesus Rodimiro Rojas Garcia

Vanessa Rosales
Guadalupe Rosas Rios
Anahi Alejandra Rosas-Leyva
Alexander Rosas-Velasquez
Joseph Manuel Ruiz
Yamilet Salas-Lopez
Karla Salinas
Daniel Salmeron-Munoz
Eztreya Yzavel Sandoval
Maira Sandoval
Cristian Santa-Cardenas
Angel Sedano
Celeste Tejeda-Menera
Andrea Tenorio-Zurita
Ximena Torres-Cardenas
Alma Torres-Vargas
Janet Trujillo
Jose Trujillo
Mariana Evelyn Trujillo
Roman A. Trujillo
Yareli Urquiza-Bustos
Jylian Calista Urquizo
Paulina Vargas-Calderon
Stephanie Vargas-Moreno
Leila Vasquez
Natalie Marie Vasquez
Angel Gabriel Villafan-Padilla
Fermin Villegas-Estrada
Joshua Jesus Zaragoza
Yareli Zaragoza-Ceja
Mariela Zavala
Rafael Zavala Jr.

Livingston High School Class of 2023

Benjamin Abarca
Andrew Aguilar
Gabriel Aguilar
Agustin Aguirre
Lindsey Albores
Hillary Alvarez
Jordan Alvarez
Christian Alvarez Franco
Armani Anaya-Tostado
Michelle Andrade Cardenas
Joel Arana
Felipe Arellano
Braulio Arroyo
Jiselle Arroyo
Luisa Avalos Curiel
Miranda Avila
Angel Ayala
Ashley Ayala
Yasmin Ayala
Diego Barajas
Angel Barrera Regalado
Jason Basuta
Salvador Becerra
Jonathan Becerra Ledezma
Yadhira Bernardo-Lopez
Christopher Bettencourt
Navdeep Bisla
Ivan Blanco Cordova
Orlando Bocanegra Sandoval
Eduardo Bravo
Julissa Bravo Alvarez
Adrian Bugarin
Harshdeep Buttar
Sonia Calvario
Kareli Cardenas
Veronica Cardenas Trejo
Ariana Carmona
Yarith Casas Cortez
Alex Casillas
Michele Castillo
Rafael Castillo Rodriguez
Carlos Castrejon
Silvia Castro-Santana
Diana Cervantes
Jaylene Cervantes
Lindsey Cervantes
Rubi Cervantes
Jesus Cervantes Cervantes
Dyanara Chaidez
Brianna Chavez
Lino Chavez
Ismael Chavez Navarro
Eli Chavez Robles
Victoria Churape
Andres Cordova
Jasmine Cordova
Christopher Cortes
Nereo Cortes Garcia
Isaac Cortes Ruelas
Francisco Cortez
Adison Corvelo
Kali Cunningham
Yulissa Davalos
Luis Davalos Vega
Oscar De La Rosa
Jesus Del Toro
Emma Delgadillo
Jaskaran Dhadda
Laura Diaz
Carlos Dionicio Cruz

Adriana Dominguez
Shawneen Draper
Maya Dufur Torres
Israel Enriquez
Rosa Espindola
Jessica Fernandez
Tyler Ferreira
Jerry Fierro
Alisha Flores
Johan Flores Cruz
Ryley Frago
OHoney Francisco
Reynaldo Francisco Martinez
Allison Franzese
Jacob Fuentes
Bryan Gabriola
Angel Garcia
Clarissa Garcia
Gabriel Garcia
Johan Garcia
Julian Garcia
Natalia Garcia
Alejandro Garcia Martinez
Zaira Garcia Ojeda
Eliana Gaspar
Emily Gibson
Sukhman Gill
Caroline Gomez
Jesus Gomez
Lisandro Gomez
Jovany Gomez De Leon
Leovardo Gomez Ramos
Victor Gomez Rodriguez
Alia Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez
Elena Gonzalez
Gonzalo Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez
Lizet Gonzalez Alba
Dulce Gonzalez Diaz
Carmen Gonzalez Martinez
Alitza Gonzalez-Wienlinski
Alondra Granados
Arshdeep Grewal
Reena Grewal
Byren Guerra
Allison Guerrero
Andrew Guillen
Alondra Gutierrez
Alondra Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez
Raul Gutierrez Millan
Mia Guzman
Makayla Henson
Cassandra Hernandez
Guillermo Hernandez
Yoseline Hernandez
Faith Hidalgo
Banpreet Hyare
Stephanie Jaime Bribiesca
Adrian Jimenez
Jose Jimenez
Leo Joaquim
Davin Johal
Victor Juarez
Vivek Kalkat
Ajitpal Kaur
Amrit Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur
Karina Kaur

Parneet Kaur
Caitlyn Labuga
Micah Labuga
Michelle Leon
Kiley Lewis
Anaceli Lopez
Angelica Lopez
Gerardo Lopez
Juancarlos Lopez
Xavier Lopez
Santiago Lopez Gamino
Tatiana Lopez Martinez
Areli Lopez Vega
Angela Lorenzo Francisco
Sara Loya
David Lozano
Genesis Lozano
Isaac Macias
Juan Madrigal
Anthony Maldonado
Evelyn Maldonado
Isaac Maldonado Padilla
Avneet Mann
Muskan Mann
Elva Marenco
Adrian Martinez
Kaira Medrano Cruz
Anacristina Mejia
Miguel Mendez
David Mendoza
Samantha Mendoza
Jose Mendoza Fernandez
Emma Mendoza Ochoa
Izaiah Mendoza Page
Marisol Mercado
Caroll Mercado Guzman
Zamaya Mereles
Diego Millan Matias
Mirelie Millan Sanchez
Tania Miry
Ruby Montanez Solorio
Gabriel Montes
Angel Morales
Alexander Moreno
Damian Moreno
Javier Moreno
Fatima Munoz
Lizeth Muratalla Oregel
Jose Nanez
Mateo Naranjo
Angel Nava Gomez
Miguel Navarro
Catalina Nieto
Diego Ochoa
Gabriel Ojeda
Emily Olivares
Claudia Olivarez
Kimberly Olivarez
Alexis Ortiz
Axel Ortiz
Juana Pacheco
Ezekiel Padilla
Osbaldo Padilla
Israel Padilla Plasencia
Felipe Padilla Rincon
Roberto Palafox
Patricia Palomino Ortega
Italy Partida
Sohum Patel
No Name Given Peehu
Christian Perez
Luis Perez
Manuel Perez

 Noémi Perez
David Perez Rivera
Diego Pimentel
Evelyn Ponce
Roselyn Ponce
Diego Ponce Cabral
Hailey Pulido
Ashley Quiroz
Kodjie Quiroz
Gobind Rai
Nathan Ramirez
Daniela Ramirez Cruz
Isidro Ramos
Jacqueline Ramos
Satwant Randhawa
Isabella Renteria
Luke Reyes
Jason Reyna
Juan Reynoso Escalera
Yasmeen Rice
Aide Rincon Espinoza
Devin Rodgers
Aaliyah Rojas
Isela Rojas
Veronica Ruiz
Fabian Ruiz Carrillo
Jacqueline Ruvalcaba
Heena Sahota
Rajan Sahota
Christopher Salinas
Lita Sanchez
Manjot Sandhu
Prabhvir Sandhu
Eden Sandoval
Adilene Santos
Noe Serrano
Alexandro Serrato
Sahil Shangari
Komalpreet Shergill
Charankanwal Singh
Hardeep Singh
Jaskaranjeet Singh
Riya Singh
Elder Solis
Cedronio Solorio
Elvira Solorio
Kristal Solorio Valencia
Halle Soria
Yaneli Soria
Swapandeep Thandi
Alondra Torres
Jaime Torres
Nicolas Torres
Angela Torres Garibay
Natalie Turner
Ariel Valadez
Barbara Valdez
Ilandra Valencia
Jose Valencia
Vanessa Valencia
Dayanara Valle Castillo
Xitlalic Vasquez
Faith Vazquez
Julio Verdin
Jasmine Villa
Fernando Villalobos
Alberto Villegas
Faith Vivanco
Chance Weaver
Gerardo Zavala
Marlene Zavala-Silva

Adult School Graduates 2023

Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez
Jennifer Avila
Mike Badillo
Vanessa Batt
Meena Bhogel
Serrina Bhogel
Daniel Carreon
Alicia Castaneda
Sandra Castro Torrico
Cassandra DeLuna
Angelica Maria Diaz
Yolanda Diaz
Barbara Dominguez

Tyler Eaton
Maria Fajardo de Perlera
Veronica Garcia
Malina Garza
Rebecca Godfrey
Antonia Gomez
Erika Guizar Jimenez
Alisha Hernandez
Jowanna Hinojosa
April Juarez
Guadalupe Lazaro Vallejo
Anna Lewis
Erika Longoria
Mina Lopez

Maribel Lozano Aguilar
Stephanie Macias
Sylvionna Marquez
Emilee McAbee
Araceli Millan
Justin Morris
Katie Orozco
Shardae Perry
Cohen Quinonez
Maria Reyes
Jeannette Rodriguez
Marlena Rojas
Michael Rusticus
Ana Maria Salazar

Nazario Saldana
Jorge Sanchez
Savannah Smith
Esperanza Solorio
Ma Elena Solorio Morales
Hannah Steen-Manzo
Jesus Torres Cadena
Antonio Venegas
Maria Washington
Maria Zapien Aguilar
Reena Zuniga
Olivia Zurita
Angel Bautista Perez
Chamberlain Pope


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