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What’s probably cemented in your mind is that the upcoming 2020 election season will be the most significant one of our lifetime, and that the future of America, as we know it, is at stake.

Merced County Elections Update




The Elections Office again continued the canvass process of the Presidential General Election. Signature verification processes on Vote By Mail (VBM) envelopes received on election day was completed on thousands of ballot envelopes today.

Voter turnout now looks to be at least 77%, Ballots, timely postmarked, may beth received through November 20 .

Outreach to voters continues for those whose signature on the VBM envelope does not match their registration signature on record as well as to those who did not sign their ballot envelope. Voters receiving the challenged letter must complete and return the letter to the Elections office so that their signature can again be reviewed. Voter participation history is being updated for all those who voted

Mailed ballots, with timely postmarks, were received Thursday.

All elections equipment, from Voting Assistance Center locations throughout the county, has been retrieved by our field teams. The post-election review and cleaning of that equipment, as well as any needed repairs, will begin next week.

The reconciliation of the electronic rosters used at the Voting Assistance Centers is underway. Upon completion of the reconciliation process, the signatures of voters who voted at the polls will be preserved with voter records.

Vote results were updated Thursday to reflect the tabulation of approximately 2,000 ballots. The next update to results will be posted on late afternoon/early evening on Friday.

The unofficial Election Day result may be viewed at the Merced Elections webpage or from the Merced County main webpage. The website totals currently reflect tabulated ballots totaling 64,219.

The canvass will continue until complete.

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