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Merced County celebrating Child Support Awareness month

The Merced County Department of Child Support Services recognizes August as Child Support Awareness Month, and is showing their appreciation to families all month long.

On Saturday, Aug. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the department held its first ever Kids Connect Community Celebration at the Applegate Park outdoor theater located at 1045 W. 25th Street in Merced.

This fun event will offer parents and families an opportunity to meet with various community agencies, clubs and organizations that offer services to children and families within Merced County. In addition to being informational, this free event will include a variety of games, music and entertainment to make it fun day for the entire family. Giveaways will be shared throughout the day and will include a variety of child and family friendly prizes, such as backpacks filled with all the necessary school supplies.

The Department of Child Support Services offers a range of services to assist parents in supporting their children. The child support program can assist a parent with getting a court order for either financial or medical support. The department can work with both parents to avoid the court process and create an agreement for support that works for both parents. The department can also enforce an existing court order for support and help track payments to provide peace of mind for both parents.

The department also offers a number of programs for parents paying support. If circumstances have changed, such as a change in job or the custody and visitation of their child, they may qualify for a modification of the court order. If they are seeking work, but have a suspended driver’s license or professional license as a result of non-payment of child support, call the department. The department can work with them to eliminate that barrier and get them back on the road. Other programs available include the Compromise of Arrears Program, a debt relief program designed to assist parents who have larger amounts of unpaid child support debt. Through this program, they may be able to reduce a portion of that debt.

The professional staff of the Merced County Department of Child Support Services understand the program can be complicated and are here to help you navigate through successfully.

For more information, contact the Merced County Department of Child Support Services by visiting our office at 3368 N. Hwy 59, Suite A in Merced or online at: countyofmerced/62/Child-Support-Services, or call 866-901-3212.

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