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Merced celebrates Class of 2019 graduations

The City of Merced’s Class of 2019 was warmly greeted by friends, family, and community members as they made their way to Merced High, Golden Valley, and El Capitan’s graduation ceremonies on Thursday evening. Taken together, the hundreds of student scholars, athletes, musicians, actors, and Mercedians from all walks of life that make up the Class of 2019 appeared excited as they prepared to enter a new stage of their life. Throughout the ceremonies, student’s and speakers noted that their fellow classmates will now be making their way to college, trade school, the armed forces, the workforce, or pursuing more specialized paths.

Featured below is a collection of highlights from the celebrations throughout the City of Merced as El Capitan, Golden Valley, and Merced High School held their graduation ceremonies.

Merced High School

El Capitan High School

Golden Valley High School

Merced’s Class of 2019 joins a long list of local graduates from Atwater High, Buhach Colony, Le Grand, and the surrounding areas that are now entering a new stage in their lives. Congratulations Class of 2019!

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