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Merced Area Museum of Community Art Exhibit #4

MA-MOCA features two Merced artists this week!


With regard to current shelter-in-place conditions, and the fact that local art museums are closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, the County Times has created the Merced Area Museum of Community Art, or better put: “The MA-MOCA,” for art fans of all ages. 

In this, our fourth newspaper exhibit, we present on the work of two Merced artists. 

The Importance of Time



Artist Gray Perez is 22-year- old native of Long Beach who moved to Merced when he turned 8 and “was practically raised here.”

“I’ve enjoyed painting and drawing ever since I was able to pick up a pencil and I haven’t been able to drop it since,” he says. “Most of my pieces are representations of my favorite things or are reflections of the mood I’m in for the day. …

“My rabbit piece is a representation of Easter this year, the colors represent flames that have disintegrated the rabbit’s skin only to expose its bones. The flames are the people who still go outside and hang out in groups, causing more damage than they think. The bones represent the people who are isolating themselves to prevent the spread. Still trying to hold on but knowing it won’t stop till people take the situation seriously. …

“As for my horror and beetle painting, those were just some ideas that I couldn’t let go of, and just had to paint….

“For the most part, I paint what comes to mind. One day I’ll be able to paint my emotions and express myself through paint, but it gets difficult when there is no time, and now is the time. …

“During this pandemic, I suggest that people create new hobbies or find things they like, and if they don’t come out with anything once this is over, at least they’ll all know the importance of time.”


Culture of Mexico


Sofia Prado was the first artist to be featured on this MA-MOCA page. She returns this week with an embriodered Jaguar on canvas.

“I love the colors, traditions and culture of Mexico where I am from,” she says, “and that comes through in my pieces. I love working with three dimensional mediums I can touch like polymer clay, paper collage and embroidery.”


The Times thanks all the artists for sending in their works of art to the MA-MOCA!

At this difficult time, the Times wants to do its part to help share these talented works, and bring joy and recognition to the artists and our newspaper readers.

Artists are encouraged to send us jpeg photos of their art, along with a short bio, and explanations behind the work to this email: [email protected]

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