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Mercado Night in Merced honors local standout women 

The latest Mercado Night held last Thursday was a great time for the community. Thousands of visitors flooded the streets surrounding Bob Hart Square to shop, eat, experience live entertainment, engage/support the community, as well as to honor Women’s History Month.

If you missed it. Don’t worry. The next Mercado will be returning on May 4th, so make sure to clear up your calendars.

“I love the Mercado!” one Mercedian told the Times. “I am really grateful that Merced puts it on. It is always such a great experience.”

The Mercado Night Market is presented by the Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and supported by its incredible crew as well as fantastic sponsors. Uriah Perez and Annissa Fragosso serve as the Event Directors, Sarah Herrera acts as both Project Manager and Marketing, with Marlyn Huesgew as well as Ana Rico-Sanchez as Administrative Assistants. The main sponsors backing this event were: Somos Familia Valle Central, The Merced Main Street Association, K-97.5 Radio Station, Radio Merced, Stephens Media Group (SMG), and the United Way of Merced. Additionally, this night would not be possible without the continued support and presence of Merced’s first responders, police officers, and sheriff’s deputies, who donate their precious time to keep residents safe and secure.

If you would like to reach out to the Mercado about general information as well as potential involvement (such as a vendor, performer, or sponsor), please email them at [email protected].

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