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Members selected for the 2021-22 Merced County Civil Grand Jury

Merced Superior Court Judge Shelly Seymour is pleased to announce that a new panel of jurors has been selected to serve on the 2021-2022 Civil Grand Jury.

The Civil Grand Jury investigates complaints regarding government agencies, including County and City government, special districts and school districts. They are responsible for issuing reports on its findings. Recommendations are not binding, but government agencies must respond in writing.

Members of the grand jury consist of 16 grand jurors. Those selected for the 2021-2022 year are:

David H. Benoy

Linda Seebeck Gamble

Richard Hargrove

Sam Richard Hill

Eloise André Jorritsma

Geniece Fernon Knight, (Pro Tem)

Viviana Leyva-Sanchez

Eric Alan Moore

Joel Matthew Moses

Linda Lee Murphy

Katrina A. Ruiz

Donovan Joe Sizemore, (Foreperson)

Michele Ann Smith

Cynthia Louise Vierra,

Betty Lynn Werner-Valdez

Steven Michael Alberti Williams

The above 2021-2022 Civil Grand Jury Members are from the Merced County areas of: Atwater, Balico, Hilmar, Los Banos, Le Grand, Merced and Planada.

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