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Magical ventriloquist keeps kids entertained at Atwater library

Youngsters and parents alike enjoyed an amusing live show on July 13 at the Atwater branch of the Merced County Public Library, featuring puppet animals traveling in a space capsule and an alien searching the planet for “intelligent life.”

The entertainer was Tony Borders, the “magical ventriloquist,” who kept the children spellbound with his puppets’ antics and jokes while delivering a message encouraging reading, as part of the library’s Summer Reading Program.

Borders, who lives in Sacramento with his family, has performed over 7,000 times in churches, schools, and libraries in 30 states and nine countries.

During the show, the kids laughed when a dog puppet came out of a “space capsule” that was about three feet tall and was asked his name.

The dog answered, “You have to call me Twice. I won’t come if you call me just once.”

Borders asked Twice, the dog, “Where would you go if you could go in a rocket?”

He answered, “I would go to the sun.”

That prompted a dialogue on why the sun would not be appropriate for a landing site — because it’s too hot.

A boy from the audience was chosen to be an astronaut. He had to put on a shield Borders gave him to protect his face from the sun’s rays.

Next, three volunteers were selected from the audience to play the parts of the sun, the moon and Earth to demonstrate what an eclipse is like.

Borders taught another science lesson when a red dwarf star near a black hole in outer space was sucked in and vanished due to the pull of gravity.

Finally, an “alien” arrived in a spaceship and began to search for intelligent life on planet Earth, paving the way for more amusing dialogue.

Did he find intelligent life in Washington, D. C.?


Did he find it in Hollywood?


According to Borders, the alien found intelligent life “at the Atwater library because kids there like to read”!

After the show, Borders set aside some time for parents to take photos.

For those interested, the Atwater library Summer Reading Program will hold the final event of the series on July 27 —  Zumba at 10:30 a.m.

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