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Local students share their Christmas wishes

Ms. Vega’s second grade class at El Nido Elementary School



Gary Arzamendi’s sixth grade class at Joe Stefani Elementary School



Dear Santa,

My name is Maria Mendoza Medina. I am 11 years old. I live in Merced, and go to school at Joe Stefani Elementary. This year I have been nice and not naughty!

This year, I want to ask you to give me the ability to have games on my phone, or at least convince my mom to unblock all of the games that were on my phone, and to unblock Google. Yes, you read this letter right. She blocked Google from my phone. I don’t know why she did, but anyway, I would also want any type of black, gray or white colored hoodies, XXL. I would love it if you could get me black Air Jordans 1. Plus, I want new My Hero Academia plushies and a Spy X Family plushies, as well with Demon Slayer plushies. I would also want some My Hero Academia shirts, Demon Slayer shirts, and Spy X Family shirts.

And lastly on my list, I would want to be able to see my best friend that is all the way in Ceres.

That is all I want for Christmas this year. I hope you can be able to get me what I really want this year, and one more thing: Watch out for M.B., she might hit you with the used car you are going to give her for Christmas. You have been warned Santa Claws. And I’m pretty sure that I have been nice all year. I have never ever done anything wrong this year. Please don’t have me on the naughty list.

From your friend,

Maria M.


Dear Santa,

My name is Karina Vang. I am 11 years old. I live in Merced and go to school at Joe Stefani Elementary. This year I have been nice and naughty!

This year I want to ask you to give me some art things because I like art. What kind? Will I like to paint and a book for the paint that I will paint on.

I also want a job that will give me money because my mom needs it.

Let’s see what do I want … Oh … I want a dog because I love dogs, but for cats I don’t know because I never had a cat as a pet before, so a cat and a dog of any kind.

Give me a house because why not? I don’t know what to do with the house because I will just give it to my mom then.

Food because I love food, so give me a lot of it.

Let’s add a gaming setup not a super cool one just one that is good to play on.

Toys for my friends, family and the poor people because they need something to keep them happy or warm.

Give me something that no one has wanted because I want to see what it is. And who would want it? I want it because I want to know what it is.


Karina Vang


Dear Santa,

My name is Leanne Natalie Camello. I’m 11 years old and I live in Atwater, and go to school at Joe Stefani Elementary. This year I have been Friendly, and not naughty.

This year, what I really want that you can give me is a pair of any type of baggy jeans, but not the ones that drag around. Second is to also make my hair a bit more longer because I had my hair too short for a long time, and also what I also want is a floral bedding, or hanging disco ball planter.

Santa, can you please give a gift to my three cats, which have also been good too, but can you give them a Pusheen cat kit or cat window hammock that could fit 2 cats. I think they would truly love it too. I also have been good to my parents because I gave them good grades, and also try to go to karate, but I kinda don’t go through with it, and have some work to do. But at least I have got good grades. Last thing I want is that you give food to those homeless cats. Food and water, or maybe a home with those who want cats because all of those cats were normal cats that lived in a home once that maybe escape and got hungry or were born there, but at least give food to them, food for this holiday month. But that’s all I really want for Christmas.

Made with love by your friend,

Leanne Natalie Camello


Dear Santa,

My name is Grace Thor. I am 11 years old. I live in Merced and go to school at Joe Stefani Elementary. This year I have been nice, not naughty!

This year I want to ask you to give me Happiness, because I like to see my parents happy, and I also get happy as well, and when they give me gifts I get happy. Even though I have two autistic brothers, they are still human beings, and I love them as brothers. Even though I already have happiness in me already, then I’ll probably ask for something else. I want to ask you for my family, because I love my family so much that my gift will be theirs because they took care of me and I appreciate it. I also want a puppy for Christmas. I want a a Samoyed puppy because they are so cute and they have always been my dream pet. Even though sometimes I don’t celebrate Christmas. At Christmas, what I enjoy about it, is the food and gifts. Sometimes at Christmas I sleepover at my cousins house or they sleepover at my house. At Christmas I mostly hangout with my cousins while my parents hangout with the other adults while the kids hangout with each other.

Even though I never figure out what I want for Christmas, even though my family gets me something that I don’t like, I’m still grateful for it. That’s all I said and happy early Christmas!

Grace Thor


Dear Santa,

I want an Xbox for Christmas!

And I want to take Carlos and I to KFC, with your help!

And I want a car!

Thanks a lot Santa!

Your Friend,



Dear Santa,

My name is Mays Steverson. I live in Merced and I go to Joe Stefani Elementary School. I have been nice and naughty this year so it will be a surprise for what list I get on. This year, this is what I want for Christmas, and also what I am going to get my sisters for Christmas.

I have two sisters and a dog. For this Christmas, I will be trying to get my two sisters either a necklace or bracelet. This Christmas, what I put on my Christmas wish list is a dirt bike, quad, colognes, Rock Revival pants, True Religion pants, iPhone 15, and a bunch of money for my family. That is all that I put on my Christmas wish list, and I put a lot of thought into it, but my mom told me to erase some stuff because there was too much on it. I will also be fine if I could work as one of your little helpers. Merry Christmas.

Your friend,


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