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The Power of Positive Press

Housing homeless Veterans Takes Commitment

We’ve heard the politicians and the government officials — from the federal level on down to the town halls — call for the end of homelessness among military veterans. However, a lot of the heavy lifting, determination, and just plain old will is coming from local nonprofits and landlords who are giving the downtrodden a chance. It’s not…

El Capitan Cheer Team Named National Champions

The El Capitan Coed Varsity Cheer team — the 2017 National Champions — competed last weekend in Anahiem at the 2018 USA Nationals Cheer Competition. The team competed against nine other top teams in their category which was one of the most exciting categories this year. El Capitan came in second place the first time in the…

His Bike Is Our Playground

Garland Daniel stands presents his latest bicycle creation that was built from cut and dismantled playground equipment at Applegate Park. The vacant playground, seen in the background of photo, will be undergoing renovations in the months to come.

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