Merced County Times Newspaper
The Power of Positive Press

Omicron is decreasing; mask rules are changing

Dr. Kristynn Sullivan, Merced County’s Supervising Epidemiologist, told the Times, “On Jan. 20, there were 1,140 new COVID cases in Merced County, which marked the peak of our surge.  Since then, we’ve seen a precipitous drop-off.  Cases are dropping in the county and throughout the state.” Comparing the Omicron Variant with the Delta Variant,…

May aims to continue in role as Merced County Assessor

Matt May has a job where every day he loves coming to work. He's the Merced County assessor, recorder and county clerk, succeeding Barbara Levey in the elected position a year ago in January. May, 54, was appointed by Merced County supervisors. He handles a wide variety of duties, including monitoring the county's assessed valuation of just…

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