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Local DJ follows passion to help others create lasting memories


James Lamont Walker has always been connected to the world of music, so it was only a matter of time until he would find himself building an entertainment-based business.

Since it’s inception, Walker’s business — JLW Social Enterprises — has strived to help customers create memorable events with unique experiences, and preserve those happenings for decades to come. Through the company’s numerous offerings, ranging from DJ services, equipment rentals or virtual services to a Foto XL Pro offering, media transfer and digitizing of old memories, and more, Walker’s business aims to bring new solutions and ideas to the table to help ensure each customer has a successful event.

Looking back, Walker recalls finding his interest in music at an early age as he “organically” filtered the sound of choirs and music.

“I would cover, plug and cup my ears to filter the highs, lower and increase volume,” Walker recalls. “I was mixing before I knew what it was,.”

Years later his soon-to-be mentor Jamal Turner and his family moved into Walker’s neighborhood, forever changing the young music lover’s life. After stopping by to greet Turner, Walker watched as two turntables were used to manipulate and overlay two songs at the same time.

“This is what I had been doing in my head,” Walker says. “I thought I was weird and or crazy but here it was in reality. Comic books were sold, DJ gear was purchased and I never looked back. Once I found my voice on the microphone, I found that being a DJ and entertainer brought smiles to faces and I was a part of a happy memory in someone’s life. Creating positive moments for people is a passion that just keeps on giving back and growing.”

Thirty Years later, Walker has continued on his path in entertainment and continuously looked to incorporate new ideas into events and stay at the forefront of event offerings. From working with his own church Apostolic Tabernacle to enhancing the guests’ experience at fundraiser events, Walker says he is driven to make each event that he oversees the best it can be out of a desire to help local businesses and event planning committees thrive create special memories for their guests.

Over the year’s, JLW Social Enterprises has helped create those memories and increase guest interaction and attendance with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Merced Our Lady of Mercy School, Court Appointed Spacial Advocates, Alzheimer’s Walk, Relay For Life, MLK Jr. Day Celebration, Sober Grad, McSwain Education Foundation, Concern Men Cook, Black & White Ball, Merced Chamber Installation Dinner, Italo Lodge’s Ladies Night, AT Church Family Fun Fest, Stoneridge Christian School and dozens more.

With his newest offering to help residents digitize old media, JLW Social Enterprises is now looking to bring old memories back to life.

“Digitizing video and audio tapes is a new addition to my services,” he says. “It is an amazing feeling to see the nostalgic sparkle in a client’s eyes when I give them the originals and flash drive back. They are so excited to rush home and relive the memories.”

From Cassettes and VHS tapes to Super VHS and WHS-C or Mini DV Cassettes, JLW Social Enterprises is able to convert aging media to digital formats such as MP3, MP4, slideshow videos, or custom video as needed to ensure that the past continues to live on in an accessible format.

To learn more about Walker’s offerings through JLW Social Enterprises, residents are encouraged to log onto or contact walker at 209.947.3358. Additionally, JLW Social Enterprises can be followed on Facebook at

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