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Local artist shares positive message with wings mural


If you spend any time in downtown Merced, you may have noticed the big, bright, and beautiful mural by local artist, Jaden Key.

It is a massive pair of incredibly colorful wings that proclaims, “You’re Beautiful,” as well as begs its viewers to pose in front of them for a fun picture.

The piece was done in preparation for the new business, Envy, which has just recently opened its doors, and covers its back wall facing the 16th Street parking lot. It was inspired by Nashville’s “What Lifts You” Mural.

When asked about the project by the Times, Jaden said, “I feel the mural turned out exactly how I imagined, and it was exciting to see it come to life… I hope to continue painting murals in Merced and help make it a beautiful place… I would like to thank my best friend, Jackie, for being the best assistant and motivator. My mom and dad who helped me with anything I needed while painting. My brother, Brenden, and boyfriend, Jadin, who looked out for us while installing the mural. And lastly, honorable mention to Taylor and Grace for holding my ladder.”

Jaden has also completed another mural in the area that you can go see. In 2020, she completed a recreation of the painting “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai, a famed Japanese Ukiyo-e artist. The only modification that was made for the project that differs from the original (other than size and medium) is the inclusion of the café’s signature skeleton people enjoying the waves. This piece is located at Joe on the Go Café in the Bear Creek Galleria.

Other than painting, Jaden enjoys making all types of art, including: crocheting, sewing, beading, and digital art. You can find her work online on her Intagram, @jadenkeyart, in addition to her Tik-Tok, @jkeylimepie, where she has an impressive 40K followers and over 2 million likes.

Additionally, when she is not making art, she works as a realtor, “helping people find their dream home.”

If you would like to have a mural done by Jaden, please call (209) 600-8068.

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