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Limited access allowed for shore fishing, walking, biking at Lakes McClure, McSwain

No overnight camping or on-water recreation allowed at this time


The Merced Irrigation District has announced a limited re-opening of its recreation facilities at Lakes McClure and McSwain. The re-opening will begin effective at dawn on Monday, April 27th. As part of the opening, a trout plant is planned for both lakes prior to the re-opening.

The re-opening will be limited to local residents from Mariposa County and the Eastern Merced County communities of Snelling, Planada, LeGrand, Merced, Atwater, Winton, Cressey and Livingston. The lakes can be accessed for shore fishing, hiking and biking between dawn and dusk. All entrants will be required to show a state issued ID verifying their main residence location.

Park facilities will be open for day use at Lake McSwain, and at McClure Point and Barrett Cove on Lake McClure. The Exchequer Bike Park will also be open. Horseshoe Bend and Bagby recreation areas will remain closed until further notice.

Day-use visitors to the parks are required to continue social distancing and should bring their own soap and hand sanitizer.

No overnight camping will be permitted at this time, nor will any on-water recreation — including boating or house boating. Playground and picnic areas will remain closed for the time being. MID intends to open more facilities in the coming weeks and will continue working with state and local agencies for clearance. We appreciate visitors continued support and patience in order to do so.

In early March, all facilities were closed in response to the coronavirus state of emergency declared in California. Since that time, MID has continually monitored orders, directives and recommendations from state and local health officials with an intent to restore recreation as quickly as possible, while protecting public and employee health.

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