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Beverly Barela

Kids enjoying Storytime at Merced’s Barnes & Noble

Danielle Brummell, a book seller, chose “The Good Egg” by Jory John and Pete Oswald for the Saturday morning Storytime at Barnes & Noble Book Store in Merced.

She said, “I really like it, so I wanted to read it to the kids.”

The story had a positive message about caring for others while being sure to take care of oneself, as well.

When asked, one of the Storytime participants, Mia Hernandez, age 6, said she liked the story too.

The story had cute colorful illustrations showing the good egg and his trouble making buddies.

The good egg in a carton of eggs sadly had 11 bad counterparts.

The good egg was always doing nice things for the others, but they stressed him out until he got cracks in his head.

He finally took some time away, and spent his me-time reading, taking walks, floating in the river, and writing in his journal.

He began to feel like his old self once again and lost the cracks in his head.

The egg became lonely for his friends, so he promised himself that when he returned, he wouldn’t worry so much.  From then on, he would be good to his friends, while being good to himself.

Because it was featured at Storytime, “The Good Egg” could be purchased for $7.99 (half off), with the purchase of any other children’s book, as part of a Barnes & Noble promotion.

After the story was read, the children had a good time doing a fun activity with their moms.

Brummell said she hopes to get more children involved in Storytime, and is looking forward to hopefully becoming the new kids’ leader at Merced’s Barnes & Noble.

The bookstore is located at 1720 W. Olive Avenue in Merced. Call 386-0571.



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