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Judge moves to Modesto after short stint in Merced

Local Superior Court seat is open for primary election

Judge David Hood
Judge David Hood

Six weeks after being sworn in as a judge of the Merced County Superior Court, David Hood has been appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to serve as a judge in Stanislaus County Superior Court, according to a Stanislaus County press release.

On August 24, Hood was sworn in as a judge with the Merced County Superior Court, returning at the governor’s appointment to the place where he had served in the County Counsel’s office for three years.

Previously, Judge Hood served as a Legal Research Attorney at the Stanislaus County Superior Court from 2022 to 2023. He also served as a Deputy County Counsel at the Merced County Counsel’s Office from 2019 to 2022.

Hood fills the vacancy in Stanislaus created by the retirement of Judge Ricardo Cordova.

Assistant Presiding Judge Sonny Sandhu expressed his enthusiasm for Judge Hood’s appointment, stating, “We are extremely pleased with Governor Newsom’s decision to appoint Judge Hood as the newest member to our esteemed bench. With an impeccable record of legal expertise and dedication to justice, Judge Hood brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our judicial team. His impressive career and unwavering commitment to the law make Judge Hood a valuable addition to our judicial community.”

Hood’s leaving Merced leaves a vacancy in a Superior Court bench seat that is now open for the Primary Election in March. Currently, candidate Monika Saini-Donabed of Merced is on the list as a candidate for the position. Saini-Donabed is a former prosecutor and court researcher.

The candidate list for the March primary ballot is expected to be finalized around mid-November.

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