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Join Councilman Serratto for special Town Hall Block Party

Lee Pevsner
By Lee Pevsner

On Saturday, Nov. 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the corner of Loughborough Drive and Meadows Avenue in Merced, there is going to be a “Town Hall Block Party,” and you are all invited.

The party is being thrown by the Merced City Council, so there probably won’t be any beer, but it will be worth your while to attend.

Matt Serratto — the City Council member who represents the area — came up with the idea for the party, and it is a good one.

So, what is going on?

Some smart people have figured out that we can make things better. And I mean WE!

Here’s a little history …

Prior to the closing of Castle Air Force Base in 1995, the Loughborough area was populated by a lot of Air Force personnel. In a very short timeframe, they were gone. This led to a dramatic change. I am not going to sugar coat it; the area became a problem.

We all want the same thing in the neighborhood where we live. We want to feel safe; we want it to be attractive, and we want to have pride.

If this is not the case, then WE need to make some changes.

City Code Enforcement can help, the Merced Police Department can help, but the most important variable in the equation are the residents.

Everyone needs help, and thanks to the City Council and others, a door is being opened for us to do the right thing. Let’s walk through it together, holding hands and being willing to “step up to the plate.”

People united in a common goal cannot fail.

Please come to the party. It really can’t even start without you.

One block party does not a world make. This is just the beginning.

There are already people who have been working in the area, but truthfully, they need help. WE will be the beneficiaries of greater involvement.

See you there!

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