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In-fill Is Taking Place In Local Housing Market

John Derby
Times Publisher John Derby

Something we have not seen in a number of years is taking place in our town, and it is called “in-fill.”

New houses are being built on lots which have been vacant for years.

This is beneficial because the utilities are already connected to the property, and in many cases the lots have been unsightly.

The reason for this is simple economics. With the cost of interest in building whole housing developments, these one-of-a-kind lots are really cheaper. Oftentimes the home builder will carry the loan on the property until it is sold.

Cities and the county gain because there is a lower cost of not having to put the utilities to the houses. In some cases the lot was an eyesore while it was vacant and now it is a modern home site.

Sometimes the builders will even carry the loan since they aren’t that busy. At 7 percent the cost of loans can be pretty pricey. All in all it, is a win-win situation.

Just look around and you will see a nice new home being completed on McKee Road. In Planada, brand new homes are being completed.

Builders can not afford to have their workers sit idle. There are good deals to be had.

Rural areas are becoming more of a premium because they tend to be safer. Good schools like in the Weaver District, are popular because they are smaller and more personal.

Atwater has already opened one new school this past year and rural schools like in Winton have good attendance.

As the Bay Area goes on overload, families are looking to move out and find areas which are safer.

The state can clean up San Francisco, but it is only window dressing because the problems go much deeper than that.

Rural life in the valley is slower paced and it is far more conservative. Rural areas have active FFA and 4-H clubs. These organizations keep students involved.

County fairs like the one in Merced and Stanislaus Counties are very popular and growing for a good reason.

A good doctor from the Bay Area recently moved to Merced even though his practice was very busy. The reason was his children and the kind of life they would be living in the valley.

We also have seen a marked improvement in higher education in the valley with the university and our colleges. Admittedly, we do lag in high-paying job opportunities.

This is something we need to work on in the valley. There is, however, a lower cost of living here and this helps to balance things out. One can’t find the home prices in the Bay Area which we have here in the valley.

While it is a personal view, we feel the overall quality of life is better in the valley and this is why we have lived and worked here for over 60 years.

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