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If Merced Isn’t Careful, No One Will Want To Work For City

John Derby
John Derby

There is such a thing as being “Black Listed” and the City of Merced is close to being on the list of such cities.

The city needs a new police chief. Would you want to go to work for a city in which the Police Department is under investigation by the Attorney General?

If you were a Law Enforcement Officer, or a Firefighter, would you pick a department which is under duress?

Law Enforcement Officers are in such high demand, they can literally pick and chose any city they want to work for.

Merced’s Police Department is undermanned. Why would you want to work for a department where you know there is a staff shortage and you probably will have to be putting in a lot of overtime?

The city staff, and particularly the city manager, are bring asked to work under negative conditions with some City Council members demanding major changes in the way things had been done for many years. Some of these changes are extreme.

At some point city staff members have to ask themselves: “Who Needs It?”

Well, the people who live in Merced need them. No one wants to live in a city which isn’t safe. No one wants to live in a city where the City Council spends its time bickering instead of being pro-active. Life is hard enough.

Starting today, there needs to be some major changes in the City of Merced. For one thing, the police and fire department personnel need to be treated with respect. They are here for us.

No. 2, the City Staff, needs to be treated with respect by the City Council. While the City Council does make policy, they are not the boss.

The City Staff work for the entire city, not just one or two of the members of the City Council who use the meetings to Grand Stand.

Bottom Line: Our Police and Fire Departments are here to serve us as a united body of residents. We want them all of them, including the City Staff to be treated with proper respect.

We will accept nothing less.

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