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Times publisher makes battle cry for local residents, businesses


This is a war between Us and the Coronavirus. 

What we need is a battle cry because our town and the country is in a life-or-death struggle.  

There is an old saying that is attributed to Red Necks, but will suit this situation very well, and it is: “Hunker Down.”

In most wars, we have had a battle cry to remind us of exactly what is at stake in this fight.  

We have always had battle cries.  

Remember Pearl Harbor, and way before that, Remember the Maine and Remember the Alamo. 

We will be starting this battle cry with our own newspaper, and we hope that it will catch on in our town, and possibly the state and nation.   

This crisis can only be won by people hunkering down. 

Life is not going to be normal for a while. Business is not going to be normal for even longer. If it is not necessary to be out and about, then stay home. Hunker Down with our own families.  

Find ways to enjoy each other. Maybe go back to the days when families played games with each other. Home skills like sewing and needle work can be taken up. Maybe it’s time to clean the garage, even clean the windows.  

What about that book you have always wanted to read but just never found time to do it? 

Hunker Down!

What about letter writing? Nobody does that anymore, but we have so many friends and relatives who would love to hear from us. Can people even write any more? Or is that an art form which has gone the way with so many personal things in our lives? 

Hunker Down!

Spend time with our kids. They grow up so fast nowadays. They are off to school and off to camp; however, when was the last time we sat down with them and had a good old fashioned heart-to-heart talk.  

We have heard stories of families caught in snow storms for days and months and wondered how they could manage. They did it by Hunkering Down. 

What about painting or some other art project which you might have been interested in?  

If you want to lose weight, this is a good time. Cut down on the trips to the grocery store. 

This is the time to make a wonderful beef stew for the whole family. 

Now with the usual raining season, stay dry and at home.  

Hunker Down, Hunker Down. It has a nice ring to it.  

Tell a friend to Hunker Down.

We can beat this coronavirus.  

Just Hunker Down!

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