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Hundreds Enjoy ‘Quilts On Forist Lane’


Members of the Gateway Quilters’ Guild must have been working overtime in recent months since they did not have a show during the Covid pandemic.

This year, the Guild’s marquee event — “Quilts On Forist Lane” — featured the skilled work of about 70 local quilters and attracted more than 500 spectators.

“This was the biggest show we have ever had,” said Theresa McIntire of the Guild.

All kinds of colorful quilts were hanging from the majestic trees, under the eaves of the homes, and scattered thoughout the lawns along the lane located in central Merced, just off North Bear Creek Drive.

The weather helped, and cars were parked so far the golf carts taking people to the show were working non-stop.

Judith Dake and Priscilla Hise were this year’s featured artists. They meet weekly to quilt and they had a collection of quilts to share.

The show is not a competition event, however there is one thing the quilters do if they are interested and that is to use 1/4 yard of material in their quilt in some way and they call it a Quilters’ Challenge

The money raised from the event is used to provide hundreds of quilts for community members in need through a program called Quilters’ Embrace.

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