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How would you spend $27 million?

By Lee Pevsner

How would you spend $27 million? Personally, I would buy a Bentley convertible, but I do not think that would meet the funding guidelines.

The City of Merced is asking all residents how they would recommend spending this amount of money through a Federal assistance program named ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act). The funds are intended to assist local communities to recover from financial hardships caused by the COVID Pandemic.

I am very happy when someone asks for my opinion, and it is obvious that they really mean it.

The City of Merced has done an excellent job of “getting the word out,” and making responding very easy though a number of modalities. I received a questionnaire in the mail, but chose to go the City’s website,, to complete the questionnaire.

“Government, of, by and for the people.” That is what I learned in Civics class, in the days before dinosaurs, when they had such classes.

Please take this opportunity to speak out for your best interests and those of our community.

Our city is made stronger by citizen participation.

Mayor Matt Serratto has been very active, along with an incredibly large group of volunteers in cleaning up a number of areas that were unsightly. You too, could be a part of this. There is communication on Facebook regarding upcoming opportunities.

I have often heard people say, “let George do it.” Who is this dude? I have never seen him.

Lee Pevsner is a resident of Merced.

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